Wrath of DarknessMature


Adder clenched Calla's wrist tightly to stop her from struggling, she could hurt herself if she wasn't careful. He looked in her eyes and pleaded alongside his words.

"Calla, what's wrong?" he begged her desperately, it was like two personalities trying to win a war for the succubus's love and neither was winning. 

"Get the fuck away from me," she shrieked, trying and failing to shove him off the bed. "I don’t love you, Adder. I never loved you, and no one ever will!" He saw the flash of pure hatred in her eyes and it shot ice through his chest. It was the most painful feeling he had every felt before, tearing at his undead heart and soul. The black mark began to burn and shift moving down the side of his torso, stopping at his hip. Instantly he moved and was on the opposite side of the room, his back against the wall. 

Crimson glared from the black  making nothing discernible but his eyes. He couldn't believe he had heard her just say that. Sure she had denied having a lover but...never had she denied loving him. He had always clung to the hope that deep down it was just lie...that she loved him or at least a small part of her did. 

"Oh," he murmured. "Oh, I see." Calla looked back at him scarred, terrified and mournful though he doubted he even saw that last feeling. She was trembling, her arm lightly outstretched as if to reach out and comfort him. But it was too late for comfort...too late for love. 

"Adder, I didnt-" She tried to plead. 

"Yes, you did," he hissed, eyes glowing in the dark. "And by the way, I know he was here. And if you think he shall live to see the light of another day, you've got a lot to learn about me." He meant everything that he had said and then he was gone, to kill the man who was her true lover. The one who had given her that damned necklace and had taken her true love and heart. If he couldn't have her, than he'd be damned if that warlock would. 


Outside the house Adder covered the entire area around the premises in darkness, all the stars and moon disappearing behind the large  shadows. His eyes locked upon the house as he raised his hand and tore away the front face of his once preciously cared for home. 

"DEMRIN!" The vampire roared, his fangs lengthening and his eyes growing black. The more that he delved into the black the more it consumed him and took Adder over body, mind, and soul. Ana screamed as she collapsed back, avoiding the shattered floor and chocking debris. She coughed and tried to wave away the dust, finally seeing a figure emerge and step into the house. 

"Ad..adder?!" she cried pushing her back against the wall. His eyes locked onto her but the darkness clouded his vision, she was just another victim now...someone who was in his way and needed to be eliminated. His fingers hooked around her neck and brought her right up to his face, he snarled loudly and leaned in to bite her. His entire body immune to her powers with a bit of help from Scott. Just as his fangs pricked her skin, a violent force tossed him to the ground and tumbled with him. 

"YOU'RE NOT GOING TO HURT MY LOVER!" Jester growled holding the vampire to the ground. Adder laughed and hooked his feet under the shapeshifter tossing him across the room and into the wall next to Ana.

"Jester!" she shouted, growing angry and standing looking at their sudden attacker. A look of concentration crossed her face, followed by confusion and panic. Her attack on him wasn't working as he drew closer to her step by step. Shadows and black wisps swirled around his body like demonic ghosts, the mark on his body starting to engulf his entire torso. Jester moved from the wall and jumped in front of Ana to protect her. He held out his arms and growled, Ana stayed behind him trying to look brave and strong for both of them.

"What do you want with us?!" Jester screamed as the vampire paused, letting the darkness ebb and move like waves in an ocean.

"I want nothing with you pathetic morsels...you are nothing but walking sacks of blood to feed my hunger," he sneered and flashed his saber-like fangs making the two jump uncomfortably. Adder clenched his fists and roared loudly, he did not like being near Ana and Jester. They reminded him of a time that was full of false hope and happiness, when things seemed so much brighter and simpler. 

"I want the warlock! I want the one who stole my lover from me!" He snarled and moved closer pinning the two against the walls with his shadows and latching his fangs into Jesters throat. "You will not deny me my kill!" Jester let his head fall back and his body kneeled before the vampire letting him take blood as Ana screamed and sobbed. 

"Adder, no, no Stop!" she cried, struggling against the restraints that had been locked around her body. He pulled his fangs from the boy's throat forgetting that the shapeshifter was still very alive. He glared towards the human, licking his lips and eying her throat hungrily. As he took a step towards her his body froze and light engulfed the room, Adder backed away and hissed loudly covering his face.  

"Is it not enough to torture someone who cared for you but to attempt to kill your friends too?!" Demrin boomed loudly using magic to pin Adder back to the wall. He writhed and cried, trying to pull the black and shadows around him. "Tell me why, Adder?! Why would you hurt Calla like you did?" The vampire's body went limp and Demrin leaned closer looking at the pale monster that had once been on his side. Suddenly fingers were locked around the warlock's skull and pushed heavy painful memories into his head. Adder was showing him everything, all the pain and the suffering, the love and passion. He was showing him his life and every memory that meant anything to show how he had fallen so far. 

Demrin screamed and moved his hands to Adder's head locking all the memories of Calla from returning and letting the vampire's body drop to the floor. Tears mixed with blood streaked his face as Adder blinked up at them all, Demrin had just torn powerful emotional memories from his mind. His almost emotionless self had returned but Scott's mark bore tightly to his skin. In a flash the vampire was gone, retreating to Scott, scared and confused. 

He ran and ran, all his powers letting go and leaving the house to be as it was. Scott appeared with Stephanie at his side. Both grabbing Adder and stopping him in his place. 

"Where are you going?" they asked simultaneously. Adder looked up at them emotionless, he fell to his knees and bowed. Placing his face on the ground he looked back up. 

"Looking for you Scott," he said softly. 

"Not Calla?" Stephanie asked, shocked. Adder cocked an eyebrow at the succubus. 

"Who's Calla?" he asked genuinely confused. 

The End

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