Calla: Under the SpellMature

When I awoke, it was with a dull thud in my head and a bruised feeling over my entire body. I blinked rapidly and pushed myself up into a sitting position. The heavy crimson comforters fell away, and for the first time I realized I was completely naked.

"Good morning, angel."

The sudden voice gave me a start. By now my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and I was able to make out my surroundings a little better. The room was dull, nothing but a bed and a chair and a great bay window. A shiver ran though me at the eerie familiarity of it all. Everette...

A figure appeared beside the bed out of nowhere, black hair and the most stunning crimson eyes. He was shirtless, toned and covered with a great black mark. "Adder," I said softly. Fear and longing both streaked my voice. Once I had trusted him with all my heart, and then he had stolen me away from my protector. Now I was here, held hostage by his thirst for revenge.

Adder sat down and reached out to me; I couldnt bring myself to pull away from his touch. He trailed a finger down my jawbone, over my plush lips. He continued down my neck and over my chest. I let my eyes fall shut as he drew circles there, moved his hands over my stomach and down, down...

"Stop," I moaned, but we both knew I didnt really want him to. I eased back into the pillows and Adder placed his body atop my own, moving against me. I could feel every part of him, from his hot breath on my neck to his fingers exploring the contours of my delicate frame.

"You want it," Adder growled against my ear. I could feel his fangs brushing my skin as he planted a trail of kisses across my skin. "You want me so fucking bad."

A cry of ecstasy fell from my lips. His tongue came out to graze my nipple, but the pleasure was over all too soon. My moans and pleas soon turned to shrieks of pain as Adder's fangs dug deep into the skin of my breast.

"Please, Adder," I exclaimed, clutching to his bare back, ripping gashes into them with my claws. "Please stop..."

"What's the matter, love?" Adder asked of me, looking up to meet my horror filled eyes. His lips were covered with blood, my blood, but they were curled back into a malicious smile. "Am I not GOOD ENOUGH?"

Hot tears were streaming down my face, matting my tangled hair against my neck. Adder brought a hand up to wipe them away. Then his fingers latched hard around my throat, choking me until I coughed. Adder pulled his body up so that my blood smeared across his chest, kissed me deeply. The red liquid coated my lips and the insides of my cheeks as he shoved his tongue roughly into my mouth.

I couldnt breathe. My fingers dug into the mattress around me. Suddenly I felt something cold and hard against my palm.

The necklace.

I clutched to it tightly until I could feel the diamonds leaving imprints on my skin. "Demrin..." I mouthed, but no sound came out. 

"He cant save you now, love," Adder scowled, tightening his hold upon me. "You're all mine."


The second time I awoke, I was drenched in a cold sweat, shivering despite the blankets that covered me. I quickly scanned the room, found Adder in the chair. Motionless, most likely asleep.

I had just settled back down into the bed when I felt a great shift in the atmosphere. I opened my eyes once again, and gasped at what I saw. "D-Demrin?" 

The warlock came to me, for my restraints would not allow me to crawl over to him. He lay down beside me, wrapping me up in his warm embrace. "Yes, Calla my love, I'm here."

I asked if I was dreaming, and he told me I was not. He explained that the necklace he'd given me would allow him to find me no matter where I was. With a flick of his wrist, it flew from Adder's hands to his. His hands were trembling as he replaced it on my neck.

"I promise you, Calla, I will return to rescue you." Demrin kissed me upon the lips, gently but passionately. I pressed my body into him, wishing that he could take me away with him. Save me from the monster that I so loved and hated and wanted all at once.

When he left, tears dampened my face once again. I tried to make them stop, but soon they'd erupted into full out sobs. Uncontrollable ones that shook my entire body. There came a flash of movement, and then Adder was kneeling on the bed before me.

"Calla," he said desperately. "What's wrong?"

I tried to push him away, but Adder took my wrists in his hands and held them in place. "Get the fuck away from me," I shrieked. "I dont love you, Adder. I never loved you, and no one ever will!"

It was as if something snapped inside of him. Adder was across the room in the blink of an eye, back pressed against the wall. "Oh," he murmured. "Oh, I see."

I looked at him with wide, mournful eyes. "Adder, I didnt-"

"Yes, you did," he hissed. "And by the way, I know he was here. And if you think he shall live to see the light of another day, you've got a lot to learn about me." With those final words lingering in the air, he was gone, and I was left alone in the dark.

The End

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