A visitMature

Demrin sprinted and skidded on the loose gravel of the drive. He burst through the door and spotted Ana and Jester wrapped in each other’s arms.

“Where is Calla?” he yelled at them.

“I-I dunno, upstairs in her room?” Ana said.

Demrin sprinted off up the stairs taking them two at a time. He noticed Ana start to follow, and the sad look which crept over Jester’s face at the disappearance of the girl. He turned and ran to Calla’s room. Not bothering to knock, he burst in. It was empty. Demrin began to shake with a combination of nerves and anger. Ana entered the room behind him.

“Demrin, what’s wrong?”

He ignored her, pushing past her and heading to his own room, hoping to find Calla awaiting him there on his bed. Again, it was empty. Demrin felt a tear slip from his eye. She was gone; he had told her he loved her, poured his heart out to her, and now she was gone, taken by the vampire. Rage filled Demrin,That fucking bastard. This was the thanks he got for saving his life, and Calla, she had loved him, and he repays her by kidnapping her.

Demrin sat down onto the bed, his head in his hands. Ana entered the room.

“Demrin, what is wrong? You can tell me... I’m your apprentice!”

“Adder has kidnapped Calla”.


Demrin stood, his rage fuelling him. His magic formed an orb around him. He saw Ana’s worried expression. He vanished from the mansion and appeared in Adder’s new home. The vampire was asleep in a chair next to a bed, upon which, Calla was tied down, also asleep. Demrin formed a soundproof orb around himself and Calla, then he used his magic to wake her up.

Her eyes fluttered open. “D-Demrin?”

“Yes, Calla my love, I’m here”.

“Am I dreaming?”

“No, you are not”. Demrin took her hand.

“How did you find me?”

Demrin smiled. “Your remember the necklace I gave you? Well, I attached a fragment of my soul to that necklace. So long as the necklace is still in existence, that fragment of my soul will remain attached to it. I can journey to that fragment wherever it is”. Demrin flicked his wrist, and the necklace appeared in his grasp, disappearing from Adder’s.

“I promise you, Calla, I shall return to rescue you. I will not allow this monster to kill you, or torture you any further”. Demrin kissed her then, locking into an embrace. “I have to go now Calla, before he wakes, but I shall return. Remember Calla, I will always be with you. You have my heart”. He passed the heart necklace to her again as he spoke the last words, kissed her once more then vanished. He re-appeared in the mansion.

“Demrin!” Ana exclaimed, “Where did you go?”

“To Calla. She is fine, just weak and tired. I promised her I would return to rescue her, and I will, but I will need you and Jester to aid me”.

“How did you know where she is?”

“That is private, I am sorry Ana, just suffice to say that there will always be a piece of me with her”. 

The End

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