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"I dont deserve you." Ana had said. "You're too good for me." Jester smiled best he could, she wasnt the one who'd been sent to kill her and her friends, she hadnt done anything. Ana may have dated another boy some time, but, that was normal for humans, right?

"You are too good for me." Jester had replied, putting his arms around her and holding her close. She'd melted in his arms, and they'd stood there for hours, until Demrin came and told the two that Calla had been kidnapped by Adder. Ana and Demrin had left the room to figure out how to save her, leaving Jester alone, again. Because of Adder.

The Vampire. Working for Scott, and his own revenge. Jester could just see him now, kneeling before Scott, just like he had done, it seemed like forever ago. There was movement behind him and Saphros appeared, in the guise of the other boy.

"Give up now Jester." He whispered. "Run along back to Scott. Let me handle the girl."

Jester frowned, "What would happen to Ana, if I went back."

Saphros smiled. "She wont be hurt, her memory will be restored, and she will be with the one she truly loves."

"Which isnt you." Jester retorted. Saphros scowled.

"I know where he is, and I will bring him here." Saphros promised. "He loves her, and he's human." Saphros turned to leave the room, but before he left he had one more thing to say.

"He's the one who gave Ana her powers." With that, he was gone again. Jester remembered the night she'd shocked him, without knowing what she'd done. This other boy had given her that, Jester just got her in trouble. Maybe it would be better if he left her. She could go back to her brother, and stay out of this. She wouldnt have to save his life anymore, she could be safe.

Jester sat down heavily in a chair, this would require more thought.

The End

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