The Vampire's CaptiveMature


Two crimson eyes glowed in the shadows of the dimly lit room, candles flickered giving the room a diffuse golden glow that cast imaginary monsters on the wall. The vampire continued to watch his lover as she lay tied to his bed. A light golden shawl over her body to keep her nice and warm. He smiled, after taking her from his old home she was half naked and shivering in the rain. He had whispered to her, telling her stories as he walked back to his makeshift home. 

After removing her shirt and jewelry, he had tended to her body. Gently bathing her in his large bathtub, the water covered with bright red rose petals. The vampire had admired how peaceful and calm she looked, her lips curled in a soft smile. It was only for the moment though, he had removed her body from the warm water and toweled her off, brushing her cheek with his lips as he pulled on the shawl that she wore now. And of course, he laid her in his bed, tying her ankles to the lower bed posts. While he really wanted to trust her, Calla had severed his trust in her long ago. 

Moving from the shadow, his fingers found the necklace she had been wearing. Adder had left on the table but now he examined it. A black heart surrounded by glittering diamonds, he didn't have to guess who had given it to her. 

"A declaration of love..." he murmured running the silver chain through his fingers. It was a gift from her lover...her true lover. Adder snarled and smashed his fist in the table cracking the wood and sending splinters to the floor. Scott had allowed him to take Calla as his own, to show her how much that he truly loved her but it was terribly apparent that wasn't going to happen. 

"What are you gonna do with her?" Scott had asked as Adder left into the night. He had smirked and gave a curt bow.

"I will show her how dark my world has become, let how she has hurt me twist her until she screams and begs for my mercy and love!" Scott had chuckled and now it was all prepared. 

Moving to the side of the bed, Adder leaned on the soft covers stroking her cheek and murmuring kind words of compassion. It was a shame she couldn't have heard such words, they would have broken Calla's heart. Looking over his shoulder, Adder grabbed a syringe, it was time to wake her up. Bringing the concoction around, he exposed a forearm and pushed the sliver needle into her bright vein and injected the drug. The silvery liquid pulsed out of the cylinder and began to fill Calla's body, waking her from the deep sleep he had put her in. 

The first signs that she was waking up showed in the trembling of her fingers and her twitching arms. Soon soft groans and whimpers echoed from her lips as her eyes began to flutter. 

"Time to awaken love, we don't have much time together." he said softly, brushing her hair out of her face so he could see Calla's brilliant violet eyes. She yawned and rubbed her eyes, reminding the vampire of a tiny child waking up so pure and innocent. Calla licked her lips and opened her eyes, looking around in a daze before she gasped. 

"Where am I?" her voice asked in a whisper, oblivious to the figure perched at the side of her bed. He smirked and moved onto the bed, making Calla jump. 

"We're safe far from the ones going to hurt you here." Calla moved as far away as her restraints would allow, she was fearful of him and drawn to him all in the same feeling. 

"What are you doing Adder...why did you take me?!" She asked squeaking loudly. The vampire frowned, he knew that she was going to feisty but he never expected her to outright protest. He sighed and laid next to her, only wearing a pare of jeans so that his mark was properly displayed. His eyes fell closed and his chest rose and fell slowly, displaying a well toned body. 

"Calla...I told you that I loved you...and then I learn that you love another." he frowned and pursed his lips. Holding up his hand, Adder dangled the necklace Calla had been wearing. In the candle light it sparkled and cast tiny flecks of light on gothic styled wall paper. "Who gave you this?" he asked in a bitter tone. Calla nibbled on her bottom lip, eying the necklace and reaching out for it. Adder left his hand still as she reached out and cupped both hands around his hand. 

"No one Adder..." she cooed, "It was no one." Adder snarled, pushing both her arms out to the side and pinning her to the bed. His eyes flashed and his fangs lengthened, a gutter growl rumbling past his lips as he leaned near her throat. 

"Don't LIE TO ME!" He looked over her face as Calla's mouth hung open and her eyes were wide. Shivers of fear trembled up her spine as Adder grinned, pressing his lips to hers and kissing her passionately. "Don't lie to me..." he murmured against her lips suddenly gone from the bed and staring at her from the other side of the room. "Who gave it to you?" Calla whimper and laid her head on the pillow, thoughts ran through her head. Should she really reveal who had declared his love to her and given her the necklace. 

"Are you embarrassed?"  he asked with a laugh that seemed cruel and rough, making the shadows about the room writhe. "Don't tell me it was Demrin?!" he continued to laugh. Seeing the conformation in her eyes, he stopped laughing and scowled. A figure appeared behind him and hug her arms around Adders waist. 

"Stephanie!" Calla bristled at the other succubus. She smiled back and hugged Adder kissing him on the cheek. The vampire  didn't move, stiffly taking the kiss as Stephanie moved in front of him and looked into his eyes. 

"Come here baby, show Calla what she's missing." She moved and kissed him , pushing her tongue into his mouth and pulling away her shirt. Her arms locked around his neck as she jumped up and hooked her legs around his waist. She grinded against him and moaned, begging for everything that he could promise her. Calla starred jealous and angry that both of them would do this to her. Her bare chest pressing against his, making a warm friction between their half clothed bodies. Adder wasn't truly kissing back even though she was turning him on, something deep within him was revolted. 

"Adder," Stephanie groaned tugging at his pants and kissing his neck. The vampire looked up and saw Calla watching them, he shut his eyes tightly and threw Stephanie to the floor. 

"NO! Get out Stephanie! OUT!" He shouted at her making the other succubus grab her shirt to cover herself and run out. Adder watched her leave, growling until he heard the door shut in the darkness. 

"Sorry," he said warmly turning to Calla and was right next to her on the bed again. She had tears running from her eyes, flopping back on the sheets Adder laid on top of her body. He set his forehead to hers and sighed. "You should have just told should have told me Calla...I would have understood."

Then it seemed like a switch was flipped, his fangs bore into her throat and blood gushed into his mouth. Calla screamed and struggled, making the wound deeper as his nails dug into her arms. Adder liked and sucked  at her wounds, drafting more and more until he realized her was stealing her life. His fangs left her and he licked the wounds shut. Calla was still crying and shouting but one sentence shot right through him.  

"Demrin would never have hurt me," she whimpered covering her face with her hands. Adder stared at her grabbing a knife from the nearby bed stand, holding it before her eyes. 

"Sorry love, I'm not Demrin!" he snarled and pressed the knife into her stomach. Calla gaped like a fish, her skin already pale from loss of blood. She gasped for air, trying to get rid of the piercing pain in her gut. Adder grinned maliciously, twisting and pushing it deeper into Calla. "Can you feel it now?!" He lashed at her. "Can you feel my pain?!" Tears continued to stain her face as the knife came out and began to cut lightly across her sternum and rested above her heart. The lovely shall that she was wearing had now been tainted by her blood. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Calla sobbed over and over. Adder shook his head, closing his eyes to listen to her pleas. Then a sharp pain plunged into his chest making the vampire's eyes fly open. Calla had redirected the knife up into Adder's chest, where his heart would be. He sat up, legs straddling her chest as he looked down at the knife forlorn and sad. 

"I told you Calla," Adder murmured, depressed. "You took my heart...I don't have one any more." Tugging the knife from his chest, he tossed it off and into the wall. Black blood began to pour from his chest, looking like liquid shadows. Adder's eyes became pure crimson orbs dyed by tiny black veins. He moved to her bedside and tore away his clothes, Calla squirmed as he pulled away her shawl. He laid on her, trancing her one last time.

He wanted his last few moments to be pleasurable with  her, he wanted it to seem like it had been so long ago when they were lovers. She bent to his whim and kissed back, starved for his lips and his body. He let her lead, his hands moving across her; caressing and touching. He knew her body so well, he knew what would bring her body under his spell and would make her cry for more. Sucking at her collarbone, she arched her back and begged for more, that she needed him. Before he did anything, he went down on her, licking her wounds that he had so visciously cut into her body. 

Calla gasped and shivered at his tongue on her skin, sighing as his chest pressed back against hers and she widened her legs. Adder leaned back and then he pushed in her making her howl and moan loudly at his movements. She was screaming ecstasy at ever pulse and rock, her arms around him and digging into his back. The vampire let himself go back, back to the first night in London that they shared together.

Imagining that their passion was real and that she really loved him. Finally climaxing together, they were still Calla kissing his chest and saying sweet nothings. She was still in a trance. She didn't even know she was saying it, so he removed himself from her and took away the trance. Calla blinked at him then at herself, she covered her mouth with her hands and let out a strangled cry. 

"Good bye Calla," Adder said backing away, tugging on his pants. Calla raised a scared eyebrow as shadows began to crawl up her bed and into her body. It was just like Scott had done to the vampire. "You should have just let me die that day!" he cried, tears falling from his own eyes and onto the floor. "If you didn't love me why keep me around?!" 

Calla couldn't scream with the black pools filling her body and clamping her body tightly. She struggled and convulsed, coughing up the blackness and trying to plead for her life. Every apology slashing against Adder's heart as he watched her dying, somewhere deep inside of him...hidden to Scott's touch was a pure piece of him. A piece that loved Calla, the part that pushed Stephanie away and was now destroying him over hurting Calla. 

"Oh Calla," he whispered flicking his fingers. The shadows withdrew from her body, making her gag and sputter for the air her lungs so desperately needed. She collapsed on the bed shivering and moaning in pain. He winced and wanted to move to her but couldn't, his feet stuck to the ground. Falling into his chair, Adder laid there and let his own eyes fall closed. Torturing her was a lot harder than he had ever wished to feel. 

The End

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