Calla: Perfection ShatteredMature

"I love you..."

Demrin's words burned in my mind, the touch of his fingers still lingering upon my skin. He was laying beside me breathing heavily, and I was smiling to myself at the thought of the intimacy we'd just shared. Outside, it was dark, dark, but in my heart the shadows had faded.

 My hand flew up to toy with the necklace he'd given me. A black heart surrounded with sparkling diamonds. His heart, and he had given it to me. To protect. I could only hope I wouldnt let him down.

When I slept, it was brief. Still I woke up rested. Revived, somehow. Demrin was still out at my side. With a simple smile, I rolled onto his chest and kissed him softly on the lips. His eyes fluttered open, startled at first, but then he put his arms around me and crushed me to him.

"Good morning," he whispered, hot breath tickling my neck. I buried my head against him, reveled in the feeling of complete safety. There was a voice in the back of my head, blurting Adder's name over and over. Sometimes it would blur into Everette, but I was doing what I could to ignore them all. I just didnt want this feeling of comfort to end.

Demrin moaned a little, stretching beneath me. "We should probably go see the others," he said, a trace of disappointment in his voice. "They might think we've died."

I laughed a little, because in truth I felt more alive than I had in weeks. "Okay," I agreed. We were mostly silent as we tossed back the covers, rose and dressed. I had a few clothes in his room, so I pulled on a pair of black tights and a tight sundress in a deep shade of turquoise. Demrin offered me a gentle grin, crossing over to where I stood.

"I'll be waiting for you tonight," He spoke in a low voice. His hand came up to touch the side of my face, and then we were kissing, and everything was the way it was meant to be. I should have known I could never get away from Demrin. He'd been a part of my life, my heart, from the moment I'd met him. He'd been the reason I'd betrayed Everette and Adder both. But I would not betray him. I would not.

"I'll be here," I assured him, pulling away. I was a little breathless already. "I promise."


The piano was waiting for me, like always. I sat down upon the bench and let out a slow breath, hands moving over the ivory keys without making a sound.

There was a melody moving through me, begging to be released. My eyes fell shut, and I started to play. It was soft and sweet, a bit meloncholy. But undeniably real. Capturing everything I was feeling.

With closed eyes it was easy to remember the nights that Adder had come up behind me, kissed me on the neck. We'd made love here; neither of us could ever say we hadnt. My heart twinged at the very thought of it. But, no, he was gone. And it was all my own doing.

I stopped playing, stood and went over to the window. It was raining outside. I rested my head against the cool glass, blinked for a moment longer than neccessary. Fighting back the tears I shouldnt have been crying. 

When I opened my eyes, I swear I had a heart attack. For there, on the other side of the glass, was a pair of bloodred eyes, staring back at me. I fell away, collapsed to the ground just as the windows opened with a bang. I couldnt keep myself from screaming.

The man was upon me in seconds, holding me down and smirking like the Devil himself. "I told you I'd be back, love," Adder murmured, kissing me on the neck. I could feel his fangs against my skin. At first they were only brushing, but then he drove them in with such force it caused me to cry out in pain.

Adder sucked and licked at my skin, teasing me with his hands all the while. A moan of pleasure fell from my lips, shivers running up my spine. He ripped away my tights, meeting my gaze with a fury in his eyes like I'd never seen before. Then he was in me, and I was screaming and gasping. Begging for more and wanting it to end all at once.

"You're mine, love," he said. His bloody lips kissed my own fiercely. I whimpered against him, weak from all the shaking. Adder scooped me up into his arms, cradling me against his chest. For a moment, there was almost a loving expression upon his face. Then he let out a feral growl, and together we disappered out the window and into the dark of the night.

The End

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