Love and RumoursMature

   Demrin held Calla tightly as she laid her head in his chest once again. He could feel her smiling, she was happy again, and it was thanks to him. Demrin felt his own lips curling upwards into a smile. He was at peace, for the first time in a long time. He ran one hand through her long hair and kissed the crown of her head. 
Calla looked up into his eyes. She stretched her head up and kissed him, her lips meeting his. Her hand rose and brushed his cheek as she slid her tongue into his mouth. She withdrew then and stared into Demrin’s eyes.
“Demrin, we both want it, let’s let it happen”.
Demrin nodded. A large smile burst onto Calla’s lips, and she pushed herself up. She pulled off his clothes, and he hers, ripping the white shirt from her, and carefully unclasped her bra. She aided him in removing her panties and then they were kissing again as he moved on top of her. He flicked his wrist again, relocking the door after Jester’s intrusion. He had let the spell weaken.
Demrin was ready, he entered her and she moaned. He gently made love to her, and she arched her body into him. It was amazing, the sheer pleasure overwhelming them both. They climaxed as one, both sighing with the intense pleasure at the same moment. 
Demrin rolled to the side, his arm still wrapped around Calla. She lay up against him and pushed herself up slightly so she was looking into his eyes. Her naked form felt good against his, her breasts pressing against his side, her soft skin caressing his. She kissed his chest, then his lips. 
“That was amazing”.
“It was, Calla, it really was”.
She smiled at him again.
“Calla, there is something I need to tell you, that I have been trying to tell you for a long time now”.
“Yes Demrin, what is it?” Calla had a worried look on her face.
Demrin recalled the previous night, his proclamation to her, and also his dream.
“Calla, I love you, more than I have ever loved anyone. With you, it feels as if my life is complete. Your beauty is breathtaking, and you are the single kindest and sweetest person in existence. I love you. Take this,” Demrin produced a necklace with a heart on the end of it, and passed it to her, “As a symbol of my love. I love you!” he kissed her hand, and then her cheek.
“Oh, Demrin” Calla’s eyes welled up, a single tear trailed down her cheek, “You have no idea what that means to me... I love you too”. They kissed and the rest was a blur.


Demrin and Calla vacated their couples retreat later that day and returned to the real world. They left each other with promises of being together again later. Calla went to spend some time with her piano, Demrin decided to leave the house and spend some time in the world. He needed to see if he could glean any news of Scott or other servants of the dark.
He made his way to a local tavern, his robes dragging along the ground behind him. He pushed open the door, signalled to the barman moved over to a seat in the corner. 
The portly barman waddled over. “Gin please”. The barman nodded and waddled away, his large feet thudding as they hit the floor. Demrin cast his gaze about and spotted a hag talking to a goblin in the shadows. The hag had a large, pulsating wart on her nose, and she wore a pointed hat. Hairs grew from her nose. The goblin was short, its skin a pale, stretchy white.
The hag spoke, her voice a cackle. 
“I heard from my friend Tabitha that the necromancer John Scott plans on journeying to this area to eliminate a group of his enemies. She says the warlock; Demrin Artuna is one of that group”.
Demrin saw the Goblin and the hag grimace at the mention of his name. They had clearly crossed him once before. And Scott was planning to return was he? Well that was inevitable. Demrin rose from his seat and left, ignoring the annoyed glances of the barman who had been halfway to his seat with the gin.
Once outside, Demrin’s mind was assaulted with images. Calla playing the piano, Adder standing behind her, Adder dragging her off, Calla tied to a chair while Adder tortured her, Calla; he face screwed up in pain, her screams echoing in his head, Calla’s dead body, crumpled and broken.
Demrin gasped as the images fled; Scott had broken into his mind again, from what distance? Scott was gaining power. He had shown Demrin glimpses of what was to come. Demrin ran.

The End

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