Jester was watching the sunrise again. So much had happened in the past few days. Ana had kissed him, she'd saved his life, twice, and she loved him, this young warlock loved him, she was no longer merely human, her magic had been unleashed and she glowed with it. It made her even more beautiful to Jester.

Falling from the Eiffel tower, somehow unable to grow wings and save himself, he'd thought he was done for, but Ana had saved him, prevented him from falling. Before that, she'd healed him, when his heart had been nearly ripped out. Jester owed her everything.

But, this new boy in her memory. Lukah. Jester looked at himself in the mirror on the dresser. The young human looking back at him was remarkably similar in description to Ana's memory. Black hair, Black eyes, pale skin. The same form Jester always took for her, the form he'd met her in. Jester took a deep breath and looked at the girl, now asleep on the bed.

Adder had come back last night, then left again. He was working for Scott. He had the mark. He couldnt turn back now, or else that mark would choke him and burn his arm. Jester was nervous that he'd come so close to receiving the black mark that would bind him forever to the Dark. Adder's opposition to anything light was already apparent. Even more so than before, though he was a vampire. Now he was a creature of the Dark. Jester couldnt go back, and he couldnt handle his friends being taken there.

"They will not come." Jester murmured to himself. The sun had finished rising, it shone bright and gold over Paris. He wondered if Demrin was awake, maybe Jester could talk to him about Saphros and Adder and the Dark. He had to stop worrying.

Demrin and Calla were sitting up in bed when Jester go there. A breakfast tray filled with delicious things sat between them, already picked over.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didnt mean to intrude." Jester said, attempting to back out of the door, half cringing, half expecting some sort of punishment. Stop it. A little voice in his head berated him. You're safe now.

"No, its fine, we we just finished breakfast." Demrin said, Calla seemed a little irritated by the interruption but she didnt say anything. "What do you want?" Demrin asked, putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Nothing sir, it can wait." Jester lied politely. He'd never seen Demrin look this young, or this happy. Calla was doing good things for him, and apparently, him for her. She also seemed happy, content to lean against him. Jester closed the door quietly and went downstairs, opening the closet.Saphros slithered out on all fours.

"You're worried about something." He said, Jester tried to keep his face stony. "Dont try to hide it from me, I know you like a brother." Saphros continued, unsheathing razor sharp claws and examining them. "Tell me, who's the girl."

"You cant touch her!" Jester nearly shouted. Saphros smiled slyly.

"Oh, I wouldnt dream of it." He said, before turning slowly into a human. "But I know someone who would." The boy had black hair and black eyes, ivory skin, with black stretchers in his ears. "I know she'd want to see her old boyfriend again." With a laugh, he vanished, camouflaged. Jester slammed the closet door closed and sank to his knees, shaking. Saphros knew who Lukah was. Jester knew nothing. Ana would go for who she thought was human. Who was normal. Even if Saphros was just pretending, he'd do a good job. Jester would lose her.

The End

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