The Marked OneMature


The sun dipped slowly behind the horizon, reluctantly giving it's warming touch to the much more icy moon. The sky grew dark, black as a raven's feather, as people scurried into their buildings like rats. There was a foreboding air that was locking it's spindly fingers around the city's throat and tightening it's grip.

Shrouding darkness belonged to only one in the city, though only whispers in back alleys were ever exchanged. It was too dangerous, if he caught sight or sound that you planned to rid the city of his presence...those people were never heard from again. Lights that flickered about the city would wink off the second that they spied his form walking down the street. 

The night was new and even though a light warm wind danced through the city, it was silent. Windows were covered by shutters, doors were locked twice over, and children were guarded by gun, knife, and dog. Two glinting eyes glowed from the black shadows that covered his face. A small grin tugged at his lips as his footsteps tapped the pavement, lights dying about him as he continued his way. The figure was wearing an all black hoodie and jeans that whipped softly around his ankles at the winds prompting. His hands were tucked in his pants pockets and his feet covered by boots. Not a single patch of his skin was touched by the moon's silvery light. 

He was alone, but he liked it that way, ever since that night a few days ago, he didn't care if he spent eternity alone. He could live off the pleasures that he got from his meals and enthralled victims. The figure's gaze tilted up as he paused in the middle of the abandoned street, light seemed to steer around his figure and avoid him. Seemingly repulsed by the absence of any hope or goodness in the figure's heart. The only thing that seemed to catch the light for a fraction of a second was his crimson eyes, they were drowned in a mix of emotions until he blinked. Returning darkness and sadistic malice back into the red pools. 

Picking his calm pace back up he was suddenly outside a tall, Victorian mansion with Gothic accents. He starred at the place, standing at the base of the stone driveway. Small glowing lights flickering in various glass pained windows, the curtains half drawn. No one was visible and no sounds were audible from the residence but he knew they were there....she was there. With another blink he stood at the front door, shadows hooking around the door and disabling the lock. Silently the grand door opened and allowed the figure entrance. He nodded curtly to himself and walked in letting the shadows close the door again. He could sense the other presences in the house. 

Ana was with Jester, she was tucked tightly into his protective grasp. Like they feared the entire world about them contained all their living nightmares and darkest fears. They were very correct to fear such things, the figure noted as he stood at the base of the main lobby staircase. Demrin, on the other hand, was with her. Their bodies tangled together in bed, her hair covering her delicate face and moving only when her breaths fanned out. The figure didn't need to see her or any of the others to know such details, the shadows told him the always did. Pulling off the hood of his jacket, he turned and entered the room that bore her favorite piano. 

It was such a curious thing that she used music to aid her soul, to vocalize things without having to use words. His fingers moved to reveal the keys and their delicate white and black shine. He smiled a bit softer than he had on the streets and sat upon the piano bench. It seemed proper, his fingers stretching over the keys and beginning to dance. A delicate melody that seemed almost heartbreaking each time a note was pressed, pure feelings echoing through the instrument and pouring into the air. As he continued on, the man picked up movement from the up stairs.

She was waking, pulling a silk robe over her scantily clad frame. She drew across the upstairs floor and to the top of the stairway, he knew she was terribly confused. She perched at the top of the stairs until she finally descended and entered the room where the piano was singing it's sorrowful song. Her eyes narrowed a bit, unable to see him because the piano's top was propped open. He continued to play ignoring the woman as she moved around the piano. When her eyes fell upon him, she froze, whether out of fear or shock he did not care to discern.Finally the song faded to it's end and his hands returned to his side, the man's gaze turning to look out the window.

"Adder?!" she said both worried and angry. His eyes flicked to the right corner for an indistinguishable moment before returning to the starless night outside the window. "What are you doing here? Don't tell me you came to apologize!" Her tone was forced as though it were very hard for her to control her emotions.

"I won't then, Calla." He said gently, not even moving. Calla stared, stunned, her feet glued to the floor out of indecision. Adder turned his eyes to her and ever-so slightly tilted his head, waiting for her to ask one of the numerous questions bombarding her thoughts. He was not here for least...not this night. 

"Why are you here then?" Calla asked, her arms hooking around her body as if chilled by a sudden gust of wind. Adder blinked, taking in her question and stood. He didn't use his inhuman speed but moved rather slowly instead, showing her that he was also using his restraint. 

"I came to show you where my loyalties lie, Calla. You did me no favors by not telling me you had other lovers. I already know that you have gone back to Demrin, spent many nights in his a very heated night after I left." Calla flinched, fear flashing through her eyes. "Of course you never loved me anyways, so, why would it matter to you?" He took a step away from the bench and watched her carefully. "So now I come to tell you, as a courtesy or a warning, however you want to take my words and actions." 

Calla frowned and Adder knew that she wished Demrin were by her side, to have someone there to protect her like he once had done for her. Adder moved his hand up and pinched the hoodie's zipper between his fingers. Pulling the zipper down he tossed the jacket off to the side. Calla gasped and her hands flew to her mouth to prevent anything else from escaping her lips. The vampire smiled, he held his arm out to the side and displayed the mark. Each black mark hooking and weaving around his fingers up his arm, over his shoulder and lastly creating the black collar like mark around his neck. 

"Wha...what...happened...?" Calla stuttered, her legs trembling as her eyes widened. Adder raised an eyebrow and walked closer to her, she began to step backwards. Calla yelped softly as her back hit the wall and the vampire stood before her, eyes locked with her violet hues. 

"I went back to my family Calla," he purred, brushing hair away from her neck. She looked away and swallowed hard. Adder smiled when he noted the scars of his fangs resting in her skin. Even when she was with Demrin...or any other lover she found, Calla would always be his. "Remember when we first met, I told you that Everette abandoned me..for you. So when I was taken in by Scott, I had a family, a place to belong. I left all that behind for you, Calla, hoping maybe...just maybe I could find a lover like Everette did. Find a silver lining in life, and then I learn...that he died in his lovers arms and that I was never loved at all."

Adder chuckled and took a step back leaving her space to move from the wall. Adder flicked his gaze to the rooms entrance noticing Jester and Ana standing horror struck before Demrin. Adder didn't mind, their words were not loud but he was glad that they saw such thing first hand. 

"Ana, my dear...good to see you and your little love bug." Jester growled and put his arm around her protectively. "Calm yourself, shapshifter," The vampire cooed. "And Demrin, lovely to see that you have your woman back. Tell me is she still as good in bed as I remember?" his question had a chuckling undercurrent. Demrin ushered Ana and Jester back to their rooms as the warlock entered to the room. 

"You ran back to Scott?" he asked, hints of disgust and pain in his voice. 

"No, actually I walked." Adder smirked. Demrin didn't seem to like the joke so much. 

"He marked you I see..." Dermin observed, gesturing to the black marks. Adder nodded, just as calm, his eyes flicking at both before Adder turned and walked to Calla. Her eyes dulled momentarily as the shadows filled her mind and his trance took her over. "Adder!" Demrin warned but the vampire paid no mind to him. Calla smiled dimly and hooked her arms around Adder's waist, her lips pressed together against his. He just let her kiss him, panting softly, though Calla wouldn't know that she was doing it. Her breasts pressed to his chest as she began to grind her clothed hips against his, moaning softly and begging for him. 

"Enough!" he smiled and pushed her body to the wall, her eyes gaining their light as he mind returned from his control. He had only used the tiny sliver of his abilities to piss off Demrin and prove his power over Calla. "I will be back and I promise I will not be as civil when I return. I will be back for blood." Walking over to the window, Adder looked over his shoulder. "By the way, warlock, my name isn't Adder. Just a nickname I used when I left Scott. My name is Cyrus, Cyrus Kyote...and we'll be seeing each other very soon!" With a flash of his fangs, the vampire was gone. Leaving everyone in the house to digest what all had just happened. 

The End

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