Calla: A Little CloserMature

That night, I dreamed, or maybe it was more so a sort of remembering. I could almost feel Everette laying beside me, could almost remember the way he would kiss me. He’d been my first real lover, and one did not forget that so easily.

And then there was Adder. Everette had been his maker. When I really thought about it, there were some undeniable similarities between them. Their excess protectiveness of me. Their raw passion, and the fiery way they kissed me. Like I was the only girl in the world.

When I woke up, there was a great flood of light coming in from the open window. I squinted at the brightness, reached down to pull the covers up over my head. After months of sharing my bed with a vampire, I couldn’t recall the last time I’d awoken to the light of the dawn.

Although I didn’t feel particularly rested, I knew there would be no more sleep for me. I straightened my long legs beneath the tangled mess of sheets, in hopes of stretching them out. I turned over onto my back and raised my arms high above my head.

"You’re awake."

A quiet voice broke through the silence. I turned my head with some surprise to see Demrin perched nervously on the edge of the bed. I blinked hard a few times before rushing to take in my surroundings. Of course. After the horrible scene with Adder, I’d run into the arms of my best friend. I’d fallen asleep in his embrace. For a few fleeting moments, everything had seemed okay.

I smiled a little at him; it was all things soft and sweet, and so very unlike me. Demrin returned the smile, hands clasped in his lap. Almost like he was holding them in place, keeping them from straying.

"Good morning," I murmured. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d woken up to someone watching me sleep. Lately Adder never even made it to our bed. "I hope I didn’t take up all your space."

Demrin shrugged. "I didn’t mind," he said quietly. "You looked so peaceful; the thought of waking you broke my heart."

"I was dreaming," I admitted. "About Everette." Some emotion I didn’t catch flickered across his fae, gone as fast as it had appeared. "I was dreaming about the way he used to kiss me. And the way my heart shattered when I held him that night."

A shudder ran through me at the mere mention of it. Even though the memories had been repressed, lost somehow by magic, they were back and the pain was as real as ever. I could still picture the way the breeze blew the curtains, still feel his weight in my arms as I kissed his face and begged him to come back to me. I doubted I would ever know what had driven Everette to such madness.

"The memories are fresh," Demrin stated, seeing the way my gaze had gone off so far. "But they will fade, my dear. They will fade like a nightmare."

Before I knew exactly what I was doing, I had crawled across the bed and right into Demrin’s lap. If anything, he seemed a little startled, but then he wrapped his arms around my delicate body, buried his face in my snarled blonde hair.

"I wish you could tell me that everything will be okay," I mumbled into his chest. Demrin ran his fingers through my hair befor egently tipping my head back. His face was mere inches from my own. There was a burning in my stomach, telling me how simple it would be to lean in, to kiss him…

"Everythingwillbe okay," he said. "We can stay right here in bed all day long, and pretend that nothing else exists."

I laughed a little, realized how hard I was clutching to his plain black shirt. "What about breakfast?" I asked, thought I was mostly joking.

Still, Demrin’s eyes lit up; he slid me off his lap and back onto the mattress. I sat cross-legged, completely uncaring that I was in nothing but a tight white shirt, navy bra clearly visible, and a pair of silk panties.

"Close your eyes," the warlock commanded, and so I did. After a moment he gave me permission to open them again.

A small gasp escaped my lips. There on the nightstand was a full breakfast, steaming pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries and little sausages. Towering over it all was a bouquet of two dozen roses. I watched in awe as, right before my eyes, the roses bloomed.

"Breakfast in bed," Demrin explained with a modest smirk. I couldn’t help but throw my arms around him, and with only the slightest hesitation, I kissed him gently on the cheek. His body tensed up at first, but then he relaxed into my arms. It seemed that I could forever be in his debt, and he would always be the one there to save me.


The End

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