A dark shadow rose out of the floor, forming into a dark catlike figure similar to Jester, cept this one was stockier, taller.

"Saphros." Jester said, hardly daring to breath. Saphros had been another shapeshifter, but he'd managed to escape Scotts lair and run away, blending into the big city. He was older than Jester, and stronger.

"Jester." The other shape shifter replied. "You got my message."

"Yes. Who's it for." Jester's own words were clipped, his sentences short. He was scared. He had only just started to relax too.

"You." Saphros laughed, his own attitude relaxed, languid.

"Why are you here?" Jester said, searching the piano for a weapon, any weapon. His knife was upstairs, under the bed. He needed it now.

"To tell you Scott's getting impatient. The Darkness is growing and its almost free. The last peices will be put together by midsummer and then, Scott will feed you to it if you do not come back and work for him." Saphros reached forward and grabbed Jesters arm. "You have no mark," he exclaimed. "You know it shows up in every form. The mark shows your loyalty." Saphros stood back, his fur bleached white to show the black mark around his arm and neck. "I didnt escape, Jester. I was freed."

Jester finally found a weapon, specifically the gold candle holder on the piano. He swung it over his head and knocked Saphros out cold.

"Never. Never never never." Jester whispered, dragging the other shapeshifter into a closet. Scott had hurt him, treated him like an animal. Jester was never going back. The wound on his back flared and he cried out in pain. "Never. You'll never find us." He shouted to no one, locking the closet door.

"Jester, whats wrong." Ana came through the door, followed closely by Demrin.

"I wont let them take you." Jester said, leaning against the closet door. "They will not come."

The End

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