"You wouldnt find Everette if you tried, he's dead." Calla trailed off as if lost to her own thoughts and memories. "And he was my lover." Adder stood there staring at Calla, shocked into a bitter silence as his eyes were wide as silver dollars. His hand unconsciously trailed to his chest feeling as though his heart had been torn out and sliced to pieces. 

"Adder please..." Calla pleaded but a venomous glare silenced her pleas. He then redirected his gaze to his hands almost seeing blood seeping from the imaginary wound on his chest...all a figment of his imagination. Shutting his eyes for a moment, the vampire took a deep breath and glanced back up to Calla. His expression was non-existent every bubbling emotion covered by the alabaster mask that became his face. His eyes were holding Calla's as if she would suddenly disappear before his eyes and if would all be a bad dream. 

"Correct me if I'm wrong..." Adder started in a very placid tone as if they were only discussing the weather. "First you were lovers with my Vampiric Sire? He always told me that he could not guide me because he had a lover...I didn't even think it was possible for a vampire to have a lover without killing them. Everette abandoned me to Scott, for you?!" A dangerous, twisted smile was beginning to creep over his features adding to the flashing spark in his crimson eyes. While the vampire spoke his fangs glinted in the soft golden light that surrounded the two. 

"Let me guess, you got bored with him, right? One night in the heat of passion while he's crashing into you and showing his rip open his chest and devour his heart!" Adder's tone had darkened but he did not raise his voice, he didn't need to. Calla was frozen in horror before him, transfixed with fear coloring her face.

"Next came Demrin then? Your second lover...after all your a succubus and your needs have to be sated. He played hard to get and you were hooked like a common whore! So after all these years you've only had one night with him but you cling to it like a baby clings to it's mother!" Adder locked his hands behind his back and he was suddenly in front of Calla, making her gasp and fall against the piano. The staccato chirp of sharp angry notes covering her heavy breathing. 

"But you had to have someone in your life Calla, of course. Demrin wouldn't give it to you and your victims could only fill one of your hungers. So you found me, convinced me that you loved me. In my 265 years on this earth, I have never had a lover before you. Hell, I was turned on the night I was going to go on a date with a young woman who is now dust in the wind." Adder leaned in very close to her face making his staving fangs and glaring red eyes even more menacing.

"You used me, stole my heart and you never even told me that you had other lovers. Maybe if I had learned before we were serious...I might have accepted it then. But for me to learn about it by overhearing it! And from all people it comes from the warlock who was dead not two weeks ago!" Adder leaned away a bit, his breath steaming over her collarbone, as he grinned. "I really didn't want to believe it, love. I really didn't" his voice called to her, softening. "I though that you loved me." 

"But I do Adder, I-" The vampire pressed a finger to her lips and shook his head slowly, keeping eye contact. His arms here suddenly around her hips and stopping at the small of her back, their hips pressed tightly together. Calla calmed, thinking that it was all over. The vampire's lips moved near her ear, tickling her skin. 

"My heart only belonged to you...Calla. I loved you like I never thought a vampire could love. And it pains me that things must end like this..." Calla's eyes widened as Adder's fangs sunk deeply into her throat, marking her and making her melt in his arms. All she felt was a toxic cocktail of pain and pleasure, a light moan passing her lips. As Adder pulled his fangs out, his tongue raked across the punctures. Two small round scars leaving her a reminder of who she had she was marked by. 

"I loved you Calla...I doubt that I will ever be able to love again." he whispered as Calla's eyes fluttered and she passed out. Tenderly, he lifted her in his arms and laid her out on the piano bench, a finger trailing across her face before he was suddenly outside the house. "You were right Stephanie..." he said, licking the blood from his lips as his pale cheeks filled with color. A lovely slim figure appeared from the shadows and smiled sweetly at him. 

"I warned you is a human creation. For those of us that are not human, love is a ghost that we can chase for eternity and never grasp it." The vampire sighed as Stephanie walked to him and clasped his hand, gently squeezing his hand. "Are you ready to return home?" she asked, tilting her head ever-so slightly. Adder took one last glance at the house, his eyes blinked once then twice. A figure that looked almost too much like Demrin had been there for a moment. Returning his attention back to Stephanie, he nodded and kissed her cheek, making her hum delightedly. 

--Warehouse, Undisclosed Location--

Stephanie lead the vampire into the warehouse, her tall heels clacking loudly on the concrete floor. Even with his enhanced sight, Adder could barley see through the piercing darkness that seemed to have a mind of it's own. Still his confidence didn't waver, he was doing this for himself. The Succubus had stolen his heart and destroyed his confidence in anything akin to love. The Human had struck back at him and treated him like Garbage. The Shapeshifter stood up to him and should have died in the London Bar. And the warlock...he may have saved the vampire but now Adder knew why, because Calla was his lover and had pleaded for his life. 

"You return?" An echoing voice called. It was nearly impossible to trace it's point of origin. Adder turned his head lightly back and forth but only got a chuckle in response. Stephanie placed a reassuring hand on Adder's shoulder and backed away, getting swallowed by the darkness. 

"Yes," Adder replied placidly. Two glowing eyes emerged from the dark followed by the body of a familiar figure. Scott. He smiled wickedly and walked at his own pace to the vampire. The necromancer stopped a few meters before Adder and looked him over, nodding to himself and cracking a grin. 

"You look like hell, Adder." Adder smirked back, bowing his head slightly before returning to his full stature. 

"A few weeks of gorging on blood and alcohol is not very kind on the body, but a friend helped to restore some of my strength." Scott raised an eyebrow and took a few steps closer putting both within arms reach of each other. 

"So have you come back to rejoin the family brother?" Scott asked coolly. Adder nodded, flinching a bit when his arm was in the necromancers grasp and held horizontally in the air. His sleeved was torn away exposing his bare skin up to his shoulder. Adder shut his eyes and grit his teeth as an explosive fire burned upon his skin moving from Scott's grasp and snaking up around his neck. When the burning left, Scott released him letting Adder fall to the floor panting and wheezing. When his eyes blinked away the tears of pain, he noticed black tattoo like tribal marks swirling up up his left arm and past his shoulder. 

Adder looked up into Scott's eyes and could see the mark jumped from his shoulder and circled his neck in a black squared off collar like mark. Scott chuckled and knelt next to the vampire, his soft tone making the vampire strain to hear him. 

"Welcome back to the family brother..." With that Scott stood and turned to move away. "Oh and Cyrus..." Adder made a strangled noise from his throat, it had been 234 years since he had heard his real name being spoken. " I have a job for you." The necromancer looked over his shoulder at the vampire, who had finally regained his footing and stood. 

"Anything, Scott." Adder said still staring at the mark Scott had put over his arm, shoulder, and neck. Scott nodded a small smile tugging at his lips. This was a welcomed turn of events. 


The End

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