Calla: Final MomentMature

I thought that maybe, maybe, if I played for long enough I might lose myself into the melodies. I thought that I might forget about everything, about Adder and Demrin and the whole damned world. Maybe, if I pounded at the ivory just right, the music might wash the rest away.

So far, I was having no such luck. I was spinning out the notes of Cannon in D, eyes falling shut as the melody filled the room. Something about it all seemed so familiar, the way the sun was creeping in around the edges of the curtains. I'd kept them shut, just in case. Just in case.

Everything was falling apart. Adder hadnt even come near me in days. Demrin was pushing me away. Ana and Jester were so enthralled in each other, they barely even noticed I existed. This was the exact reason a succubus was supposed to live alone. Because eventually everything we put our hearts into would crumble. Everything we touched would wither.

"It's beautiful."

The unexpected voice broke through my thoughts, caused me to strike a wrong key. I could feel the magic around me fall to the floor. Shattered.

I didnt even have time to turn around. The door fell into place, and then Adder was beside me, hovering about a foot away. He looked exhausted and starved; he was even paler than usual and his face looked terribly sunken in. Every fiber in my body was begging me to reach for him, to hold him and kiss him and promise him the world. Instead I stayed where I was.

Adder extended a trembling hand towards me, trailing his finger down my jawbone. There were a million words in his bloodred eyes, equally threatening and tantalizing. "Tell me it isnt true," he pleaded in a tone so broken it hurt to hear. "Tell me he never had you."

I turned away, shielding my face from him. It was the only response he needed. Adder let out a low growl, and suddenly his hands were fisted in my hair. Pulling, tugging harshly. "I fucking-"He started, but stopped almost immediately. Maybe it was the way my eyes had gone wide with absolute terror. I'd never been scared of Adder before, but I was not so sure he could control himself.

"I love you, Calla," he whispered. His face moved in closer to mine, lips only inches away from my own. "Oh, God, do I love you."

I tried to tell him, to repeat the words I so longed to say, but no words made it out before his lips were upon mine, kissing me fiercely. I moaned a little and leaned into him, letting him have his way. Adder slid his tongue over my bottom lip, and so I parted them to allow him entrance.

The vampire moved his hands over my body, pushing me back until I collided with the keys of the piano. It made a horrid noise, loud enough to echo throughout the entire house. I barely heard it, though, so focused was I upon the way he kissed me, moved against me.

"I'm sorry, Adder," I breathed in quiet desperation. His hands were working at the buttons of my shirt, but when frustration got the best of him he merely ripped it off and tossed it aside. "I'm so sorry. I should have told you..."

"Shut up," he said, but it wasnt harsh in any way. If anything, it only got my heart racing faster. Adder's hand went up to close around my throat, gentle and rough all at once. He moved his lips across my cheek, down my neck and back up again.

I knew what was coming next. Adder pulled away just long enough to meet my eyes, and then he bent in again, pressed his mouth against the base of my neck. A small cry escaped my mouth as his fangs went in, hot blood rising to the surface.

I'd said it long before it ever sunk in, before I even realized it. One moment, I was pressed against the piano with Adder's body against my own. The next, I was somewhere else entirely, miles away. In a place where the sun was a little too bright, and the days were a little too long. It was as though a wall had been destroyed within me, and there was a great wave that followed.


The name was strange upon my tongue. Like a food tried for the first time. When the taste was something new and different, but almost familiar in a way. A million memories were flooding my mind. I wasnt sure if they were mine or not, but they seemed too, too real. I could see myself in the arms of another, watching the night sky through the bedroom window. I could feel him beside me, on me, in me. Oh, God...

Adder had ripped himself away from me, but I'd only just noticed. His expression was perfectly composed. I thought I probably looked a little frantic. "Say it again," he commanded in a voice full of acid. "Say his goddamn name again."

I could barely make my voice work.

"How did you know him, Calla?" Adder roared. There was no control left in him. His hands were balled into fists at his sides. His eyes looked murderous. "Tell me how the fuck you know the vampire who made me?"

My blue eyes were wide. I couldnt keep my jaw from dropping. "He...Everette..."

"He made me, yes," Adder said lowly. "It was a long time ago, and I havent heard from him since. I wouldnt even know where to find him."

"You wouldnt," I interjected. My head was pounding from everything around me, from the way Adder was looking at me like he'd never seen me in his life, and the way my memory felt like it had just been injected with steroids.

"You wouldnt find Everette if you tried," I told him. "He's dead." I remembered it now. The blood. The pain. Oh, the pain. I'd held him in my arms..."And he was my lover."

The End

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