Demrin stood staring into the fireplace once more. Something was wrong, he could feel it. The mere fact that Stephanie was here showed that Scott and his minions were gaining power. The darkness was growing, its shadow encompassing all that existed.

The sound of the large front door slamming roused Demrin from his musings. He looked up to see Ana and Jester returning from their date. They were not a pretty sight. Shards of glass covered their clothes, and the fabric was torn in several places. Cuts were scattered about their skin, blood oozing from the wounds.

“Demrin, we have a problem!” Ana said.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Look at Jester’s back”

Demrin moved over as she raised the shape-shifter’s shirt. Carved to his flesh were the wordsWe’re coming for you.Demrin’s face darkened as he saw the words. Who was coming?

“This is not good, it looks like the dark is gaining strength for another attack.... Ana, I must ask again, do you wish to train as my apprentice? I could use one, I fear I cannot survive another death”.

Demrin could see the fear in the girl’s eyes, the uncertainty. He peered at her, his gaze searching. She nodded.

“Yes, yes I would”.

“Excellent. Time is short, we had best get straight to work, once you have made sure Jester gets some rest”.



Demrin and Ana passed through the winding Parisian alleys. They found an abandoned warehouse not far from the Manor. With a flick of his wrist, Demrin forced the door open. He moved swiftly into the building, the girl following close behind.

“For the beginning of your training, we needed somewhere away from the others, somewhere I could draw a demon to without endangering them, or without the risk of divulging our location”.

Demrin swept his gaze about the building, searching the dark corners. In one corner, he spotted a pair of eyes. Using wind magic, he tossed the beast into the centre of the room.

“This, Ana, is a Ghoul. I want you to attempt to control your powers, see just what you can do with them”.

Ana nodded. She closed her eyes and held her hands out in front of her, her face screwed up in concentration. Demrin released his hold on the Ghoul.

“This particular beast will not harm you, it cannot cause harm. It is merely a demon of annoyance, banging on walls and the like until it completely frustrates those it haunts. See what you can do to it”.

The beast rose into the air and started spinning. It smashed into one wall, then off the roof, then the floor. It began to scream as Ana held it in mid-air, its body convulsing. She dropped it, her energy worn out.

“Very good, Ana”. Demrin used his power to toss the Ghoul back to the shadowy corner of the building. “The more you use the power, the longer you will be able to use it for”.

Ana nodded. They left the building and started for home.

The End

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