Stephanie entered the dark alley, pulling her coat closed tight. She shivered in the cold, her breath misting in front of her. The shadows in front of her converged and spat a huge cloaked figure from their midst.

“Have you any news to report?” Scott asked.

“I do, and it’s not good news”.

“Go on”.

“Demrin has returned from the dead”.

“That’s not possible”.

“He has, I did not believe it at first, but he knows things only the real Demrin could know. He knew straight off what I was, but your cloaking spell still has the others convinced I am a mere human”.

“The warlock is back? How can this be?”

“I do not know, but I do know that it causes you a heap of trouble”.


Demrin stood gazing into the fireplace, the flames dancing, entrancing him. His return had been met as he had expected; wide open arms from the girls, some hostility and mistrust from the men. Adder seemed particularly pissed off; had he heard Demrin’s words to Calla?What of the night we shared, so long ago?

That could have sent the vampire over the edge, forced him into a blind rage, a killing spree. Demrin thought back to that night; the night he had declared his love to Calla, the night they had fallen eagerly into bed together. He remembered the rejection and hurt he had felt at her disappearance, the complete hurt. It still brought a bitter taste to his mouth.

The slamming of the front door roused him from his reverie; Stephanie had returned from a night-time ramble. She stopped dead in her tracks as she spotted him.

“Where have you been to at this hour, Stephanie? Feeding on some unsuspecting male?”

“Not tonight Demrin, no. I was visiting an old friend”.

“Why don’t you just leave, Stephanie, and save me the trouble of having to expose your identity to these people, and watch as they tear you to shreds, or kill you myself”.

“Because I know the cover Scott has placed on me is too strong for you to break”.

The realisation of what she had said dawned on her then.

“So you are working for Scott again? I thought you had broken all ties to him long ago”.

“Just you wait, Demrin. Next time, you will die, and you will not return”.

With that, she stormed out. Demrin returned his gaze to the fire. So Scott was recruiting again was he? Reviving old ties? The necromancer was preparing for a war, and Demrin would give him one.


As he made his way to his room, Demrin heard the sounds of whispered voices coming from one of the spare rooms. The door was open a crack. He glanced in.

Adder sat with his head on Stephanie’s lap, weeping.

“What if she doesn’t love me?” he asked.

“I am here for you, Adder”, Stephanie replied.

The End

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