Something was wrong. Jester could feel it in the very air of the mansion. First, it was Ana's hope, but they'd been dashed by the reason that they must stay here. London was where the Evil was, and thats where the supernaturals and anyone attached to them would be destroyed first. Then, Calla, Jester couldn't imagine that a succubus could have a broken heart, she'd taken Demrin's death harder than anyone. Thus her relief at his return was more evident than anyone else's. Then Adder. His brooding, the way he'd pulled Jester aside just to watch the vampire break down.

Jester could sense it, the tension in the atmosphere, the bonds that had formed between everyone, breaking. Even he felt cut off from everyone, with the secret. Maybe he could tell Demrin, now that he was back. Demrin was a warlock, and he had experience and wisdom. Jester felt like a child in his company. With Adder and Calla, it was difficult to remember that they were immortals, but with Demrin, it was too easy, especially now that Demrin had seen eternity and back again. He would know what to about the secret.

But when Jester knocked on the door, he'd heard Calla's voice, and decided that he'd better not interrupt. He went to sit in the sun again. The sun was good. The sun felt no tension. The sun wasnt worried about anything, no matter what happened, it would just shine up there in the sky. Without realizing it, he turned back into his true form, large catlike ears perked up, his black fur soaking in as much heat as possible. This place, though tense inside, was good outside. Paris was good.

A sound downstairs made him turn and slip inside to investigate. What he found was Adder, laying limp on the floor, while the girl, Stephanie, who was invisible to his second sight, leaned over him.

"What are you doing?" Jester said, leaping over the banister. The girl smiled, a cruel seductive smile.

"Nothing, he got himself drunk, and I was only helping him get home." Jester frowned. This wasnt right either. Vampires dont get drunk, not under normal circumstances, and she should have an identity. Jester should have be able to see her. Demrin had said Succubus. Jester had to make sure.

"What are you?" He asked. Whats hiding you from me? He added in his head.

The End

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