Whispers Of UnfaithfulnessMature


Adder's thoughts drifted and spun, bouncing around in his skull and making his jaw clench tighter and tighter. He'd overheard their meeting before the whole group had come to greet the warlock. Those simple stinging words that tore out his undead heart and confirmed his worst fears. Sure, in the beginning he just thought that Calla's devotion to the warlock was just because of their many years as friends, that they had just grown close. The vampire pressed his fangs deep into his bottom lip and drew blood, the crimson trails flowed down the side of his cheeks and started to pool on the floor. Jester watched, a pained expression starting on his feature. 

"They thought I was asleep!" He snarled, his fingers digging into each other. Jester cocked an eyebrow, confused. 

"Who...?" the shapeshifter asked tentatively, moving around to try and see Adder's face. Adder was suddenly in front of the shapeshifter, his fingers digging into his collar. The vampire didn't say a thing as he tugged Jester outside and walked a couple pace from the house. He didn't want Calla or Demrin, to see nor hear what was occurring.  

"Who do you think?!" Adder hissed loudly, shoving his hands in his pocket to keep from strangling Jester or anyone else. Jester winced and took a step back, mouthing Calla and Demrin's names. Adder nodded feeling himself slipping little by little. "Wanna know what I heard..." Adder began shivering, barely noticeable but the action was still there. His crimson eyes grew distant, flickering back to when he was lying on the couch.


It was the burst of white light that had awoken him, but he remained still, thinking it was one of Scott's fiends, or the necromancer himself come to kill them all. His eyes remained closed and his body rigid as a corpse. 

“Hello Calla”, the man had said to her. Adder had recognized the voice immediately, stunned that it's owner was still alive. The vampire had wanted to speak up but Calla did that for him. 

“D-Demrin?” she had asked tentatively, “No, you are dead. This is one of Scott’s tricks." Adder internally nodded to himself, that was entirely possible, using their dead friend to draw down their guard and when they had their backs turned he would use the apparition to strike them. 

“No Calla, it is me. I can prove it. I shall tell you something only the two of us know. I chased you to London, many years ago and rescued you from the man, Everett. Not enough? What of the night we shared, so long ago?”

Adder wanted to leap from the couch right there, he had known Everette...the vampire from so long ago who had offered Adder immortality. He hadn't been Adder back then, no he went by his human name but that was another life ago. Then the last sentence sent ice through his veins. What of the night we shared? Adder felt like he'd been staked right through the heart...Demrin and Calla had been lovers? What were they now? Had they continued their relationship with Adder just as someone to fuck when she got bored with the warlock?

“DEMRIN! IT IS YOU!” Calla had screamed, Adder had cracked his eyes enough to see her throw herself at him. That added another painful, if not debilitating, strike to his heart. Her arm were wrapped about his neck, her face burying into his shoulder. “I can’t believe it! We all thought you died!”


"Adder?" Jester called, pulling the vampire out of his painful memories. 

"What about the nights we shared, Calla?" he murmured, his eyes inking red and filling till they were ruby orbs devoid of any pupil. "What about us?" The vampire began walking past Jester as if the shapeshifter wasn't even there. If Jester had reached out to touch Adder he would have struck him like a cobra, not giving a second thought to who he was. Suddenly the vampire vanished, appearing in the streets of the city not far off. A craze had overtaken him, like when he was starved, he'd gorge till his stomach could hold no more then wash it away with alcohol.

His feet moved silently along the street as he searched hungrily for prey, first to fall was an innocent young girl. The vampire didn't know why he chose her, though anyone who knew him would say it was because she looked alot like Calla. The next to die was a young man, someone who reminded Adder to much of who he was when he was human. The vampire moved further and further into the city, letting shadows swallow him as he took two more victims. His body now flush with color, Adder moved to a nearby bar and collapsed into a booth. The waiter came over only to hear Adder call for as much alcohol as they would allow. While the waiter raised a confused eyebrow, he didn't protest, moving off behind the bar.

The bell for the bar's door jingled kindly, allowing another in as she moved and sat Across from Adder.  

"Hello Vampire," she purred, her fingers lacing through his. Adder snarled and flashed his fangs at her. They had the look of large, bone white sabers, a trait he only took on while starved or highly agitated. The female still clutched his hand, making sure that he looked up at her. Somewhere in his mind she looked familiar but he couldn't place it, all the blood was skewing hi vision...but to him it didn't matter. 

"I'm Stephanie, you welcomed me into your home when the others wouldn't." Adder nodded still not taking in who she was. The waiter returned and passed the vampire a tall glass filled with a sloshing amber liquid. Stephanie thanked him as Adder downed the drink, getting wasted was a cop-out but he didn't care...it took away the pain. "Vampire...you need to come home," she called, her voice like a sirens song. All the noises that left Adder's mouth were more animalistic than human. He grunted and growled, but allowed her to tug him out of the booth and take him outside. 

"Shame she doesn't love you," the girls said as Adder leaned drunkenly on her. "She has no idea where you've been or how easily you hurt." She smiled and looked down at him. "You take things to personal." Adder hiccuped in response. Stephanie smirked and kissed his cheek finally helping the vampire up the front steps. When they reached the front door and it swung open Adder fell through and landed limply on the floor.

His eyes fading back to normal as he stared up to the ceiling. Dark figures grouped around him and whispered, but Adder just ignored them falling asleep and drifting back to when he was human. When his name was kind and his heart was young, to virgin years of childhood. It was an escape and Adder all too eagerly embraced it. 

The End

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