John Scott entered the dark, dank tavern and cast about for a sign of someone he could employ. Seeing no one, he took a seat at a small table in the corner. Above his head, a spider spun her web, weaving the intricate patterns to catch smaller insects.

He sipped at his Gin, taking small gulps as he perused the Tavern’s patrons from the shadows. His gaze jumped sharply to one particular figure, having passed over her on first glance. She had long, shoulder length blonde hair, and she was dressed extremely seductively. She was flirting with the drunken men at the bar, looking for her next meal no doubt.

John stared at her until she caught his eye. Upon doing so, she started, ignored the ramblings of the hapless drunk goggling at her astounding beauty and swept gracefully over to John’s side.

“Hello Stephanie”.


John was fully ready for her. They were both naked, lying in his bed. He moved on top of her and entered her, moving slowly. She moaned softly. The quicker he moved back and forward, the louder her moans got. They climaxed in unison, both sighing with the intense pleasure of it.

Stephanie placed her hands on his chest.

“It’s a pity you no longer have a soul John. I would much have liked to devour it”.

“You tried that when I had a soul. You could not, if I remember rightly”.

“True, true. You were always special to me”.

John stared into the eyes of the one creature he had ever loved. Sure she was a soulless demon, a succubus, but he loved her.

“I have a favour to ask”.

“Yes John, what is it?”

“There is a group of people staying in a mansion in Paris. I need someone to act as a spy for me among their ranks. One of them is a succubus, going by the name of Calla. Another is a vampire, formerly of my employ named Adder. Another is a human girl who appears to possess some powers, named Ana, and the last is a shape-shifter named Jester. They were in the company of the warlock, Demrin. You remember him right? But he is dead”.

“I never thought that son of a bitch would die. As for the offer, I will gladly accept. It’s about time my life got more interesting”.

“Thank you Stephanie. I am in your debt”.


The particles escaped the light, dodging around it at the last minute. They could not lose their freedom.

They flew, moving quickly through the streets of the city. They sped into a tunnel and flew along it. A train came into view, and the particles raced it, the utter adrenaline delighting them. They were free.

A wall of white light blossomed into view ahead of them, completely blocking the exit of the tunnel. The particles turned to go back the way they had come, only to find another wall of white light rushing towards them. There was no escape this time, they were caught. They were no longer free.


Stephanie alighted on the doorstep of the manor. With a sigh, she ripped her shirt and covered herself in loose dirt and dust from the ground. She put on her most helpless face, and rapped loudly with the knocker three times.

It was opened soon after by a man. Stephanie singled him out immediately as the vampire. She could feel the cloaking spell John had placed on her beginning to work; the vampire or any of the others would have no clue what she was.

“I-I’ve been chased, I need help, please”.

The vampire nodded and gestured for her to enter. She moved into the house, and entered the living room. The succubus, Calla was seated in a large armchair. She jumped up at Stephanie’s arrival.

“Who is that?”

“I-I’m Stephanie. I need help, there was a man chasing me”.


“Calla leave her be, she’s a mess. She is clearly telling the truth. Go wash up upstairs, We’ll talk after”.

Stephanie nodded and moved out into the hall and up the stairs.


Stephanie sat in the living room with the other four. They had bought her story, of how she had been chased, raped and left for dead. She had won their trust, She had them exactly where she wanted.

They still mourned the loss of their friend, the warlock, Demrin. Stephanie winced involuntarily at the thought of the man. She hated him with her entire being.

Stephanie smiled slyly. The warlock was no more. Soon, she and Scott would control the world.


The particles soared into the light. It immediately began crushing them together, forcing them into a shape. The light blinded them, but eventually it was finished. The particles were no more. In their place stood a man, dressed in silver robes. He knew no one could see him if he did not want them to; he could blend as easily into the shadows as a man in black could.

He stood facing the door of a large Parisian manor house. Running his hand over the frame, he realised this was where he was supposed to be. He dissolved into particles, another power he had, and slid through the crack at the bottom of the door. Once on the other side he did not reform. The one he needed to talk to was upstairs asleep. The man didn’t know how he knew, but he did.

On a chair asleep, a vampire kept watch. The man formed some of his particles into an apparition of this vampire, and sent that apparition up the stairs to summon the woman. He soon felt the particles rejoin him, and the woman came soon after.

She appeared confused, unsure where the vampire had disappeared to. She spotted him asleep on the chair, and began to shake with fright. The man reformed himself in a large burst of white light. The woman threw up a hand to shield her eyes.

“Hello Calla”, the man said.

“D-Demrin?” she asked tentatively, “No, you are dead. This is one of Scott’s tricks”.

“No Calla, it is me. I can prove it. I shall tell you something only the two of us know. I chased you to London, many years ago and rescued you from the man, Everett. Not enough? What of the night we shared, so long ago?”

The man saw her shock at the mention of this news. She knew only she and her oldest friend, the warlock knew of it.

“DEMRIN! IT IS YOU!” she screamed and threw herself at him, her arms wrapping about his neck, he face burying into his shoulder. “I can’t believe it! We all thought you died!”

Demrin saw the vampire stir. As he took account of who Calla was hugging, the vampire jumped to his feet and attempted to pull her back.

“Calla; that is not Demrin; that is merely an apparition made by Scott. I have seen him do it before”.

“It is Demrin, Adder” Calla said, “he knew something no apparition could know, something only he and  know”.


“DEMRIN!” the scream came from the top of the stairs. A girl was running down the stairs, accompanied by a shape-shifter.

“Hello Ana”, he said. The girl through her arms around Demrin as well, joining Calla in her attempts to crush the air from his lungs. The shape-shifter acknowledged him with a nod.

“How?” the two girls asked in unison.

“I was sent back. Our work is not done. And anyway, I couldn’t leave you here alone now could I?”

“Demrin, what is wrong? You seem more distant..”, Calla asked.

“Do I? Nothing is wrong. I’m still the same old Demrin”.

“How did you get in?” Adder asked.

“Like this”, Demrin said. He dissolved into particles again and reformed on the other side of the girls, who were now hugging the air.

A figure appeared at the top of the stairs. Demrin hissed in anger.

“What is that bitch doing here?” he asked, pointing at Stephanie.

“She was attacked. She needed help. She is staying with us a while”, Calla said.

“She was not! She is a succubus, she is in Scott’s employ!”

“No, no you are mistaken Demrin”, Calla said. “She is as innocent as I am”.

“So not very”, Demrin said.

“Screw you” Calla laughed.

Demrin reluctantly subsided once it was clear that Calla would not give in. He could have sworn he saw Stephanie smile for a moment through her shock at his re-appearance.

He accompanied the group into the living room and they sat down to talk.


The End

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