Secrets. Evil. Jester sat on a balcony outside his and Ana's room, thinking. He couldnt tell her about the secret he'd been keeping for a month now, even though he desperately wanted to tell her. She had hope now. Her brother was fine, she had said. It was only Scott controlling him.

It didnt make sense. The cold eyed one didnt control people like that. He made them promises. He kept them too. But only so long as the person upheld their end of the bargain. Jester was running from that. He knew that he had not done what he was asked to do. He knew that if he was caught, he'd be sent back to the dark. He'd be swallowed up by it this time. Jester looked up at the sun, feeling the warmth on his human skin. He liked being human, for Ana. She fit so well in his arms this way. The sun was warm, she was warm.

There was a flash of cold and suddenly, the cold eyed one was there, squeezing the life out of him. "Get me those ingredients!" He hissed, then was gone, leaving Jester gasping for air. The evil could not be born. But, if it was, he would be killed. if it wasnt, he would be killed. There was no way out of this. The sun had lost its warmth. He turned to go back inside, back to Ana, maybe she could make him feel better.

The End

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