The vampire's crimson eyes drifted smoothly over the local bar's patrons. How long time had seemed when the death of your friends and lover lingered so close. Adder growled and sipped at his drink, rolling the ice around in the glass. A few droplets of the vodka sloshed out and onto the stained wood bar that he rested his weary arms against. He knew his immortality was both a gift and a curse. While he would not die from wounds, serious or not, his friends still could. Ana, the human with magical young and flush full of blood and life. Even the smallest cut or scratch could become infected, applied pressure to certain areas of her body she would break like a withered twig.

Then there was Jester, the shapeshifter. A curious kid with feelings for the human girl that seeped from his words and actions around her. He too could be killed, but his body and its shifting abilities could withstand a more grievous injury before succumbing to his mortality. And lastly was his lover, the one who stole his unbeating heart. Calla, with her feminine charm and dangerous attitude. The way she moved and teased with her slim but enticing curves. Her entire presence screamed danger and excitement, but that was what she needed. A succubus needed man to be enticed, lured in and pleasured until she devoured their souls. While she could endure punishment and pain, her emotional and mental states were now broken to tiny crystal pieces that had yet to be picked up.

Adder grimaced, the warlock Demrin. His bell had already toned, his soul somewhere high above or burning down below. A part of the vampire told himself not to care, that it didn't matter anymore whether Demrin had saved him. Yet a piece of him, however small it was, berated him that he should have saved the man. After all, the warlock had risked his life to remove the shadow curse Scott had placed on him. Now he was dead, because he again sacrificed himself for the others.

Scowling, Adder's eyes flicked to a young man leaning drunkenly next to him. His speech was slurred and his breath reeked of smoke and booze. The vampire groaned as his fangs lengthened and poked into his lower lip, he was starved and his body displayed all the signs. His skin was white as freshly fallen snow, crimson eyes beginning to fill with the sanguine color, fangs longer and sharper than normal.  A guttural growl bubbled from the back of his throat as the drunken man laid his head on Adder's shoulder. He smirked, pulling the man up from his seat and moving off towards the back room where alcohol was stored. The bartender wouldn't mind, he and Adder had come to an...agreement.

The man whimpered and hiccupped as the vampire tugged him through the wood door, shutting it behind him. The drunken man looked up; his eyes blood shot and his limbs moving like rubber.

"Whasz..goooing..on?" the man slurred, leaning his head back against the wall. Adder chuckled softly and took a step towards the man, his eyes flashing as a hypnotizing aura began to overcome his prey. When a vampire is starved to the point where Adder was known, they became able to charm and seduce their prey in order to feed. And that was what he intended and was doing. The man sighed, eyes falling half closed as he lay back on the floor, cocking his head to the side. His soft pink neck was exposed for Adder to bite into, a throbbing vein crying just below the human's skin.

Adder grinned, showing his fangs, and adding to the all too scary appearance that he exuded. Then as if lightning had stuck, his fangs punctured violently into the man’s neck, creating large holes that the blood began to gush out of. The vampire moaned and hummed, locking his lips around the wound and drafting the sweet red gems. The man beneath him whimpered and sobbed softly as fire raced through the veins and created sweat upon his brow. What the greedily feeding vampire didn't notice was the forming of a dark black figure from Adder's own shadow.

The man's veins finally ran dry and Adder's lips left the man's skin with a soft pop, his tongue racked across the wounds, healing them and leaving no trace of the bite.

"So hungry...have you been starving yourself?" Adder's eyes faded back to normal as he spun around, suddenly on his feet. The black cloaked figure lightly tilted its head and a smile glinted in the dimly lit room.

"Scott," Adder hissed, blood leaking from the corner of his mouth and down his cheeks. "Come back to finish me off have you?!" Adder sneered, his fangs shrinking back to their inhuman fang shape. Scott chuckled softly, his hand instantly latching around Adders throat. Whips of black shadow writhed from his cloak and brushed against the vampire. Images of Calla both good and bad, attacking his mind. He gasped a bit as a sudden ice filled his veins and a light thud echoed in his chest. Adder's eyes widened, knowing he hadn't felt such a thing since he was turned.

"I can turn you back Vampire, I am a necromancer remember?" Adder winced and bit his lip as small hints of life entered his body, reminding him how much it hurt to be alive. "I have come here to remind you where your loyalties lie, do not forget that it was I who ensured your immortality unless I decided to take back my precautions. You know what happens to vampires without my protection, correct?" The venomous voice spat in his face as Adder nodded his head weakly, crying softly to be released. Scott's hand withdrew and hid back in the blackened sleeve, the vampire fell to the ground gasping as his heart fell still again and death reclaimed him sharply.

"What do you want....?” Adder wheezed, a hand still holding his throat, as if Scott's grip still held him. Scott smirked and shook his head; it was not yet time for the vampire or his friends to know. With one quick glance from the necromancer, Scott faded into the dark, leaving Adder alone. "Calla!" He rasped loudly, appearing before his old mansion and running inside. His feet carried him quickly through the mansion till he reached their bedroom where she rested peacefully. He disregarded her sleep and moved into bed with her, his arms curling protectively around her warm body as he kissed and cuddled her. 

She was all he had left....the only precious thing Scott could take from him and use as a bargaining chip. Adder cared little for his life, but Calla's, his dear lover's life? That was too great a thing to lose.

The End

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