Calla: Still BreathingMature

The melody came out like the softest summer breeze, the kind that lingers in the air and tickles your face as it passes. I moved my hands effortlessly over the ivory keys, pounding out notes that were more memory than anything else. My eyes were closed, a vain attempt to block out the world I had so learned to resent.

One month. It had been one month since that fateful night, when we'd arrived in Paris. When all I had ever known had so easily came crashing down. The pain was still fresh, though the scars should have healed by then. It was hard for them to close when my bitter heart kept tearing them open all over again.

I kept on playing. Playing and losing myself in the way the tune of Fur Elise wrapped around me. Enchanting me. The piano had been one of the few things that had kept me sane in the weeks we'd been hiding here. 

I didnt notice the hot tears stinging my eyes until a few had tumbled off my cheeks, onto the keys before me. Damn. For a creature bred of such darkness, I sure as hell couldnt seem to keep my emotions in tact. I wasnt supposed to feel. I wasnt supposed to have a heart to feel with. So why was it that every time I stopped distracting msyelf, it felt as though my heart was breaking even more?

"Calla, love, it's late. Why dont you come to bed?"

The sudden voice caught me off guard, caused me to hit a wrong note. I swung my slender legs up over the bench and turned to face the figure standing in the doorway. He was all shadows and mystery, dressed impeccably in dark clothing. His body was slumped against the wall and his expression was gentle.

I used to think that when it came to love, it didnt matter who it was. Just so long as there was someone there to hold me, someone to whisper sweet words and caress me all through the night. But that was before I met Adder. Before I realized what love truly was, realized that even someone like myself could attain it. Now there was no one else I'd have rather been with. No one else who could have made my heart beat like he did.

"Okay," I murmured, rising to my bare feet and padding across the room to him. Adder offered me a small smile, showing off his perfectly pointed teeth. A sight that once would have terrified me now only made me stick out my tongue a little at him, though there was less playfulness in it than I might have liked.

I took my lover by the hand and let him lead me down the halls, through the mansion to our room. The old house we'd been calling home felt more to me like a mausoleum, a coffin in which we all sat waiting to die. Waiting and hoping for a salvation that would never, ever come.

We entered the room; Adder let the door shut with a small click. The room was fairly large, simply decorated in shades of cream. Only a wardrobe and full length mirror resided within, along with the king sized canopy bed well suited for a princess.

Or a demon of lust.

I'd been wearing only a tight navy tee shirt and a simple pair of black tights, but within seconds both were discarded onto the hardwood floor, leaving me in only a black and white lace thong. Across the room, I watched as Adder licked his lips.

A sultry smile snaked its way onto my lips. "Come here," I beckoned of him. He did as he was told, slinking over to me, pulling his own shirt up over his head and pressing his bare chest to mine. "Kiss me."

When he did, it was everything sweet and loving and perfect. It was not aggressive or demanding. It was pure passion displayed in one touch. Adder led me to the bed and we tumbled into it, all the while kissing and teasing each other with our hands.

"It's going to be okay, love," he whispered against the skin of my shoulder. I didnt reply, because there was nothing to say. He couldnt make that promise, not really. But I didnt want to ruin the moment, not when I was already moaning and gasping at the way he drew his fingertips across the most delicate parts of my body.

So I said nothing, only closed my eyes and let him devour me, pretending that it really would come together somehow.

The End

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