Amyra Disappears

Fasoj waited, restless, until the first rays of morning peeked over the horizon. The curfew ended at sunrise. He dashed out the door, anxious to see Amyra. He didn't know if he believed the woman from his dream, but he knew he at least had to talk to her.

Fasoj stumbled over the uneven streets, and nearly ran into some Goran soldiers, but they made so much noise that he heard them in time and ducked into a narrow sidestreet, waiting for them to pass. His heart thumped with adrenaline and purpose. Until now, he had cared for nothing except his craft. Then in the span of a day, this woman had turned his life upside down. If nothing else, he just needed to see her one more time.

It seemed forever had passed before he reached her house. He rapped sharply on the door, which opened promptly.

It was Amyra's father. "Where is she?" he demanded. The bags under his eyes had multiplied overnight. His voice was hoarse with anger and lack of sleep.

"Amyra?" Fasoj asked, stunned. "She's not here?"

The old man's entire body shook with anger. "What have you done with her, you good-for-nothing-"

"She didn't go home last night," Fasoj muttered, wanting to kick himself. He should have known she wouldn't just return to her father as if nothing happened. "I'll go look for her, Sir."

"NO!" The healer moved fast for an older man. He stood in front of the door, stubbornly. "You will stay here and tell me what is going on with my daughter! If she does not wish to be found, you can search all your days, young man. I may be old, but I am no fool. Something is wrong and if you do not tell me right now, Ayam help me, I will cause you so much pain-"

Fasoj was genuinely frightened. He had never seen a man so angry, and he would bet that a healer would know how to cause a substantial amount of pain. But Amyra had asked him not to tell her secret.

"Sir, it's not that simple."

"Yes, it is." His words were quiet but fierce. "It doesn't get any simpler. Just tell me what happened. Tell me why my daughter has not come h-home." His voice broke on the last word. His body shook with what looked a bit like silent laughter, but Fasoj knew was pure despair.

"We'll find her, Sir."


As the sky began to brighten, Amyra smiled, exhausted. Though she loved daylight, she knew it was safer to travel at night, when nobody would stumble over her invisible form and give her away. She had walked half way to Zechar, and would have gotten further if there hadn't been more soldiers than usual patrolling the streets.

She felt a twist of agony as she worried about her father. He would never forgive her for leaving. But she knew he would never forgive her for being pregnant either. Perhaps she would see him again someday, when her child was grown.

As she curled up in a field, hidden by the stalks of grain, her mind travelled to Fasoj. The messenger must have been wrong about him. She didn't blame him either. What kind of man would believe her story? Certainly not the kind of man she wanted to marry.

 As if to show she had no hard feelings, she sent up a prayer of blessing for his future as she drifted off and the sun surfaced on the horizon.


People were starting to spill out onto the streets. Fasoj sighed. There would be no way to find a blond head among so many. But he could not go back to face her father. He scanned the faces in vain, trying to imagine how he could possibly find a woman who could turn invisible and didn't want to be found. He looked up and down the side streets, called her name until people started to frown at him.

Amyra, I'm sorry, he apologized, as if she could hear his thoughts. Ayam knows you would make a beautiful bride.

He continued past the limits of the town on the road that led to the main city of Zechar. He walked until the sun was high in the sky, unsure what he was looking for, and pretty sure that most of the people that he passed on the road thought he was crazy. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a tall tree standing in the middle of a patchy wheat field. When he took a second glance, the tree was gone. I really am going crazy, he admitted to himself. Under closer scrutiny, he saw there was a dimple in the field, right where the tree had been.

Fosaj waded into the wheat, shocked at his own impulsiveness. He was normally the kind of man who planned what he would make with the wood before he cut the tree. He never acted on whims.

He could no longer see where the dip in the field had been. "Amyra?" he called, quietly. Disappointed, Fosaj scolded himself for looking for things that weren't there.

Suddenly he tripped on something soft and heavy and disappeared beneath the heads of grain, landing on top of an invisible body.

"Ow," a lovely voice moaned. Then she gasped, apparently remembering that she was in hiding.


She hesitated. "Fasoj? What? How-"

Fasoj grinned as her face gradually appeared beneath him. She frowned. "How did you find me and what do you want?"

She struggled to sit up, but Fasoj had pinned her to the ground and didn't let her up. His heart began to race a bit.  Her face was so close...

"Your father has gone mad."

"Yes, I suspected as much, but that doesn't answer my questions." There was dirt in her blond hair and her eyes looked tired, but somehow she looked all the more beautiful for it.

Fasoj chuckled, then leaned in closer - partly to convey his seriousness, and partly because he couldn't help it. "Amyra, I'm sorry about last night, I should have-"

"What? Believed me? Don't be silly. Even I don't believe it, and I was told by Ayam's messenger."

"She came to me too. Last night. In a dream."

Now Fasoj let her sit up. They shifted around awkwardly until they both sat cross-legged in the dirt, still hidden from sight by the stalks.

"So... you believe me?"

Fasoj hesitated. "I don't know for sure what I believe, but I do know that you cannot do this on your own, and I have been chosen just as clearly as you have. You are the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, so there's no going back now. I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect you and the child and make you happy." It was freeing to say these words. He didn't understand why, but he knew he meant them.

Amyra smiled shyly. "I am not sure if I can marry a man that doesn't trust me, but I admire your honesty. At least I feel like I can trust you."

"So you'll marry me?"

She inhaled, seeming to take in the moment. Fasoj's heart threatened to knock a hole in his chest.


Fasoj jumped up in excitement and offered a hand to his new bride. She stood and wrapped her arms around his neck in a warm hug. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear, and stood on tiptoe to kiss his cheek again.

Before Fasoj could stop himself, his head turned so that her kiss landed on his mouth. She gave a little surprised gasp, then leaned in to kiss him again.

Then the moment was over and they stood in the middle of the field, staring at one another, neither knowing what to say or do.

"I guess we should go find your father." Fasoj finally remarked.


The End

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