Life's Reflections

After an accident an old man looks back at his life. His own family, now long gone, all except one that is. His niece & Nephew, although adopted into the family, become people he can rely on.

Since his accident four months previously the old man's life had changed dramatically.  He was unable to do many of the things he had done before so now his days were spent sitting in his favorite chair reflecting on his past life.

The accident in it's self had been a careless act on his part, which could have been avoided, had he stuck to his normal evening routine.  Yet he had to consider himself luck that he'd been found, ontherwise he might not have made it at all.

His nephew Charles had arranged a get together with his future inlaw's, to celebrate his 80th birthday.  The old man had not really wanted to celebrate but Charles had insisted that it was an occasion and should be celebrated.  Initially the invitation had been for lunch, but as the day wore on, he had eventually stayed for dinner too.

When he had come home he had been tired from the day's exertions, all his normal routines forgotten, as his bed beckoned him.  During the night he had woken with a need to go to the toilet, so in answer to the call of nature he had gotten up and instead of switching on the passage light he had ventured out in the dark.

On his way he had slipped on the hall mat and broken his leg.  Finding that he was unable to move or stand because of the pain he had lain there in there shivering in the cold waiting until morning.

He dozed uneasily on the mat, waiting until he heard movements in the outside passage, hoping that his calls for help would be heard by someone passing his apartment door.  He called for what seemed like hours, all the time wondering if anyone could hear him at all.

Eventually he hear a rattle at the door and found himself looking up at the building supervisor.  From then on he could not remember much except being in hospital, while they ex-rayed his leg, then put the plaster on it.  He'd been kept in overnight, they said because of his night on the floor, to make sure he'd not suffered anything else. 

Someone much have found Charles information because that evening Charles, Lydia, and her family had visited him, and told him that they had made all the arrangements for him.  He knew he had no other choice but to accept their offers of help, yet had hated having to do it.  He had always liked his independence, but now he suddenly found himself having to rely upon others.

It seemed that Penny had taken over his recovery, and to his supprise he had found when he had come out of hospital instead of going home to his apartment, he was taken to their home. They had turned the spare bedroom into his recovery room.  Although he enjoyed the attention, sometimes it got a little much, as he hated being fussed over.

The End

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