Ben: Erika

I'm reeding - well, at leest, I'm trieing to reed - at my desk wen a girl comes in. She looks arownd az if my room iz messyer than it iz. Then she notisses me.Then she holds owt her hand

" Oh, sorree. Iz this your room? My name iz Erika. Erika Watts. I'm 14" she sez. I look at her hand carefullee. I'v bin tort wat to do wen a girl holds owt her hand to you. So I take it in miyn and smile

"Ben" I say. "I'm 12"

"Nise to meet you Ben, maybee we coold be frends." she sez. I nod enthuseeasticly. I need sum frends. The other children teez me. Then sumone callz her and she skipps outta the room hapilee.

The End

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