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An author looking at her life, and writing life experiencies, but trying to put them into fictional stories. Sometimes using idea's and situations, of things that are happening around us today in real life. Plus in some situations where Angels have helped. Some even telling the truth about Angels too, whom the author has never forgotten, many years later.
trying to bring into them about

This first page is not really a chapter but rather a brief insite to where  I am comming from.

I have written my life story, yet within the book I have written, for if I put everything into it well it would be a book too big to publish.  This I wrote after I had recovered from having Cancer.  I am possibly a lot older than most of the Authors of this site, but when I first joined I found it a refreshing change from a lot of other site's there for New Authors.

I am just sorry that the first book story I ever wrote, the person I asked to read it, told me I was over my head.  Maybe it was, it was a fictional story of what I think I would have liked my life to have been like.  If I can remember I was about 17 and had just had a child, which I had given up for adoption. 

Not an easy decision to make, and I dont' care what age a girl or woman is making that one.  But in doing that they are thinking what is best for that child.  Not all girls or young women take that choice and keep their babies.  I admire them, but I felt under my circumstances it was the best choice I could make for my baby.

Have  I regreted it, no, which to some may seem heartless, but looking back and looking at my life today I am glad I made that decision.  Maybe I was selfish or maybe I was wanting a better life for that child.  I think I did the latter.

What had taken me to that point in my life.  What happened to me after that to where I am today, are thing's could never imagined could happen.  The book I wrote about my life include, divorce, abuse, sex, rape, and a lot of other experiences of my life and some of the really wonderful people too, some of who where role models, and people who are  and where dear to me.

The one thing that having Cancer made me realise, even with all the bad things that had happened in my life, including during the treatment was that the most important thing to me:  Life. My motto since then has been:  Life is for the Living, not the dead.  

I have for now put a solo mode on this work, but if others wish to engage, and share things, I will open it up to collaborative.  For I believe that we all have stories, how ever painfull to share, that could help another deal with what life has thrown at them.  Also maybe let them know they are not alone out there in the world, where no one care's or can hear them.

Writing I think has been one of my outlets to release a lot of my own demons, and maybe by sharing those experiences other's can see there is Life after.  It's how we deal with the aftermath, and what we think is important to us.  Life or the other.  You have no voice with the other, no one can hear you. 

I believe I am a survivor, having survived what life has thrown at me so far.

 Yes one day my body will conk out and my heart will stop beating, but today is not that day.  I still have some living to do.

Someone, something or Angels are still looking after me.

The End

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