The Song of Life

We sing songs of love,

We sing songs of joy,

We sing songs of happy times,

We sing songs of life


From birth the singing starts

A mother sings a lullaby

To the new born in her arms,

As the babe grows


We sing in the choir

We sing at school

We sing at college

Even at University we sing


We sing along

to our latest idol

We sing at parties

and dance too


When we meet

our lover true

We sing songs of love

We do to woo our love

through to their heart


We sing at work

We sing at home

We sing at play

And we sing all day


As we grow old

We sing our song

Remembering all the songs

We've sung along the way

Some though now we only hum


As life goes on our songs change

To ones of sorry and woe

We sing the songs of death

And then we sing the songs of life no more


To the day we are laid to rest

Our Friends and family


Now sing the songs of Love

They sing the song of Joy

They sing the song of Happy times

They sing the song of life

They sing the song of sorrow & woe

Then they sing the song of life no more.

  • (This has been adapted from a poem I wrote in 1987.)
The End

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