It'll be like I never existed

To be honest, it's like I never existed.

It hurts,a lot.

I understand that people change, move on, grow up whatever and leave people behind. What I don't understand is why?. I can't read your mind, I don't know what it is that's made you change and act like I don't even exist. I see posts on Facebook, and there was a time I would've been tagged in them, but now, I get nothing. You don't talk to me, that's fine, I got used to that. 

As far as I have been made to understand, there is no clear reason that you don't like me any more but you don't. A reason would be nice, but it's unlikely, that's the way you've always been, seemingly unable to speak your mind about how you feel.

You've changed, an awful lot but I wonder if that change was for the better. 

Maybe you are better off without me and my endless stream of problems. 

But I gave you a second chance after before and you blew it, just like they said you would and this time I won't forgive, or forget because I don't want the hurt and the pain from it. Nor do I want to be depressed about it, to the point I do something stupid, again even though I promised you I wouldn't, but promises are out of the question now, just like you and me.

The End

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