Life is Temporary (Chapters 26-34)

Julia grandfather goes missing and her family searches for him in Circadia. Her life is blending together and become meaningless. Plants and animals are going extinct, and there's nothing they can do about it. The magnetic field of the Earth breaks down causing solar rays to hit the Earth, causing radiation. Everyone gets shut inside during sunny times, as you can get really hurt. Julia's relationship with Seth blossoms into something great, then he gets skin cancer, or something like that(from

          One emerging theme from the novel The Age of Miracles is that nothing lasts forever. There are MANY instances of this in the novel, as one thing after another slips away from Julia and everyone else around her. She realises that life is temporary and nothing is permanent. Julia learns that she should enjoy life while it lasts, although she is unable to because she has already lost so much in so little time. I to have experienced this feeling when I have lost objects, people, and concepts that I hold dear to me.

          The lack of sleep the Human race encounters starts to mess with literally everyone's heads. They become more impulsive, paranoid, and overall more irrational. The radiation doesn't help with this. It gets way worse. The sickness emerges, making matters especially bad for those who are affected by it. Oh, and the sun now causes cancer.

          The Impulsiveness and irrationality of the Human race has caused them to make some very bad decisions and changed their lives drastically. The radiation has confined them inside buildings almost permanently. This has caused them to be almost completely deprived of vitamin D. No vitamin D means numerous health problems for all of Humanity.

The End

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