life as we know it

So now Marinda found out that her mom has fallen and sprung her ankle. Marinda's mom's boyfriend came over in said that she shouldn't walk on her ankle. Jhonny has all so told Marinda that her friend has died and it was suicide , and also that her mom as to.

        This has something to do with my life because when Marinda's mom sprung her ankle, I had sprung my ankle running. The characters  main impact in the texts is when they make the death list for people who has died. The texts make me think that the world should be a better place and everyone should be thankful for what that have and other people have to. The volcano that is happing makes me think about the world pollution. My point of  view wants everything will be ok in the book some kind of way for the world. The address things in the real world that I personal care about is the sky and the sun and light that everyone knows. I enjoyed the text because of all the new things that are happing in the book now. My overall reaction to the text is that the world they are in hs change alot in people are dieing from alot of things. I would have start saying food early when I found out that the moon was going to hit by a astriod . I would have also learned some survil lesson to that way I could make fire in killed wild animals for food.

The End

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