Life As We Knew It Chapters (1-5)

   So far this is a very intense book. First we enter the book knowing that Lisa is pregnant. Like who the heck is Lisa? Well Lisa is Miranda's step mother, and Miranda is the narrator/ protagonist. As we go into these chapter we find that the characters are living a normal life. Then we get hit with news that an astroid is going to hit the Moon. Well some people are a little bit worried, while others are just thinking it will be something small, but what they don't know is that this astroid, will change their whole world.

   Once the astroid hit, everyone pretty much realized how big of a deal it is. Electricity starts going out. Huge storms keep hitting. Everyone is really freaking out. The news announces how big this is. That's when people start fleeing. These events are really reminding me of how the ISIS is attacking places, and everyone is freaking out. I've realized while reading this, that this could be a real world problem. And astroid could maybe one day hit the moon, or hit the Earth and knock us out of orbit. I was really shocked that there weren't people everywhere and that there not all gone. If I were put in this situation, i would probably do all I can to help protect as many people I can. I like this story because it shows how the characters are feeling and whats going on. Miranda's mom is doing whatever she can to help her children. This could cause a huge problem, because since the moon appears to be closer, then it could be hurling towards the earth, which will cause huge tsunamis. This text doesn't really relate to me, but there is a huge difference. Miranda's mom doesn't care that Miranda has a really bad grade in math, but if I were to be getting a C in math, i would get my butt whooped! These chapters are just pieces of more to come, because if everyone is freaking out and the moon is coming closer, then there is a really big chance, that there is even more to come. 

   I like this book so far, because it draws you into the story. It leaves you with suspense, and wondering why this is happening and why it just happened. It also gives you a little bit of imagery, when it talks about the moon being big and storms. This book makes me bored at some point, but then something will happen and you'll be excited. I like this book so far. 

The End

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