life as we knew itMature

life as we knew it

The text talks about downfall not only of the Earth but people's lives and how people are mentally affected by this. I can relate because seems like just when i start to be okay again something happens that makes it worse than before. They feel like there is no way to rebound and start back up again. But the thing i can relate to the most, is the way they feel trapped in their world that is falling apart.


They seem to be preparing for the worst and they should be. Their whole world is changing and with that their point of views. But some characters such as the mom is crushing under all the pressure. She feels as if she can do nothing to stop what is happening and that scares her because as a mother she wants to be in control of what  happens to her children and she wants to protect them but she can't.


This book tells me things that i already knew which is that the world is a sad disappointing place. I know that i'm not promised tomorrow. i know the world isn't meant to last forever. There's nothing we can do about it even as much as we try.


This address a lot of family and family is very important to me as a person. They fear losing each other. Like i do everyday, but now their fears are coming to life. I couldn't imagine that... ever.


I don't really like the text so far but i feel like with more time it will grow on me. I'm more into romance, etc. But i think for most people they will  like it. But it's just not for me.


I think is i was in this section i would just wait... just wait to die you know...

The End

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