Life as we knew it 16-21 Chapters

In chapters sixteen through twenty-one the story of Life as we knew it grows more. What first took place in these chapters is that after Miranda's mother goes through the pain and the hospital visits because of her ankle she's recovering from it all. But Miranda's mother turns out to try and give her some of her jewelry so when she dies she could reminisce over it. Matt also starts to prep and board up the windows eliminating the heat that could build it up. Next we find out that is volunteerin

In these Five chapters many events set in play. At the very end everyone becomes to be very sick. Miranda's mother, Matt, and Johnny all caught the flu. But Miranda didn't because she her own issues going on. Of course she takes the the hospital and they diagnose them with the flu as I said earlier. In Miranda's mind for her mental state how do you think she's dealing with all of this? When she journals she gets all she needs out and all worries are to aside. Plenty of things are happening her life with the people around her I think Miranda's just waiting for it to hit her. Hit her as if she's not her anymore like if she lost herself through all of this.

The End

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