Life As I Know It(17-25)

Miranda shows that she is capable of surviving on her own. She cares for the whole family when they are sick along with saves then with little to no help from anyone. Now that it has snowed Matt, Johnny, and her have taken up snowskiing. When she goes to the hospital to get help she finds out Peter has died. They find a real food source.

When Matt, Johnny, and Mom got sick forcing her to step up and do everything. The first thing she had to do is go get help. She goes to the hospital to get Peter but finds out that he is dead. When she gets back to the house she is educated with what has happened to them. She gives them aspirin and medication along with feeding them all. There is a problem with the woodstove. Miranda has to drag them all into the kitchen by herself and them solve the problem. At the beginning of the story it was apparent Miranda was a little self centered. Now she is looking out for others and making sure they will survive. When she was at the hospital, she asked where Peter was and got the answer,”He died on Saturday…...It’s the flu hon, it just takes its course.” When Miranda hears this you can tell that she thinks she will be alone and that her family will die. She even makes the remark that they have been feeding Johnny more so, he should be the one that has the better health out of everyone.

I think that when Miranda found out Peter died she lost hope. He had helped them the whole time and she thought he was the only person that could cure her family. When Mom sprained her ankle she was there. At the beginning she was there. Miranda did not know how her mom would react because that was their connection to the outside world. He was who they knew other than family.


The End

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