Dinner (Pelli)

I lifted into flight and was about to enter the hut when I saw what time it was. Dinner. I turned around and went hunting. I began by sweeping my head back and forth until I heard a heartbeat. It was a vole by the sound of it's heartbeat and it's feet. Pretty soon, I could see it below me and I went into a death-spiral. I won't say how I killed it, but let's just say I now had it in my talons and was heading back to the hut. Once again on my "precarious perch", I saw Elli sitting on the floor just staring at the stew.

"What's wrong?" I called to her. She turned her huge eyes to me, almost in tears.

"The Witch says if I don't eat this then I'll starve!" Her bottom lip started quivering, making her whole appearance pitiful. I sighed.

"I'll go get you some fish." I set my vole on my perch and went to the lake, turning into a Fish Owl. Diving into the water, I looked around for some fish. Seeing one, I reached out and snatched it before coming up for air. I carried it in both talons back to the hut. "Here you go."

"Thanks!" Elli pounced on it as soon as I dropped it. I went back to my vole and swallowed it whole, as all owls do.

The End

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