Rescue (Pelli)

I don't know what it was, but something woke me up.....again. Lifting my eyes, I saw Frog go flying into the pot. Without thinking, I was in the air. Dipping low, I managed to grab Frog's leg and pull him up before he hit the bubbling potion in the cauldron.

"Blasted bird! Put that frog back!" The witch attempted to swat me down with the broom but I pumped my wings and flew high so she missed.

"NO!" I shreed as only a barn owl can. "Check your recipe!" I flew off with the Frog still in my talons while the witch was preoccupied.

"Stupid bird! Come back with my frog!" The Witch shook her fist at me, but I ignored her. All that mattered to me was that I kept this now fainted frog out of harm. I landed in a tree and set him gently down and waited for him to wake up.

The End

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