Scolding. (Pelli)

As I was flying back to the hut where we lived, I saw a frog threaten Elli. Immediately, I swooped down as a Great Gray (a big owl) and landed in front of the Frog.

"What did you say to my friend." I narrowed my eyes.

"That I was a witches servant sent to get flies and if she stopped me my master would turn her into a snail!" The Frog was bold.

"Where does your master live?"

"In that house behind me." He turned his head in that direction.

"Well guess what? That cat you just scared off lives there and you are not a pet of that witch!" I almost yelled. That sent the Frog trembling. "Why are you out here anyway?" I said in a calmer voice.

"I'm hungry, I want flies." He look up at me.

"Then next time just tell Elli that and she'll let you pass. If I catch you doing that again...." I let the threat dangle. "I need to go inside now." I grabbed the sticks I had gathered and flew through the open window. Once inside, I slowed my flight and spiraled to land next to the hole where Rose lived. Transforming into an Elf owl once again, I began to shove the sticks in. "Here are the sticks I promised."

"Oh. Thanks." Rose looked up. It took a while, but I finally pushed the last one in.

"Want some down for your nest?"

"Sure." Rose began looking at the pile of wood I'd brought while I plucked some breast feathers for her nest. "That's enough." I stopped. Elli walked in at that moment.

"Rose! Pelli! A frog was being mean to me!" Her big eyes were becoming wet.

"I know. I already scolded him. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back to sleep in the few hours I have left." I walked out of the hole then flew to my perch, transforming into a barn owl on the way. Lifting my wing, I buried my head for sleep.

The End

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