A while later, I went out to scavenge for some food and building materials. I saw a frog hop across the floor. I didn't bother to stop, as animals just scampering around- well, they were pretty common.

But I noticed how scared the frog seemed. "Hello!" I called. The frog turned towards me. "Are you running from something? Come here, you're welcome to come to my home."

The frog bounded to wards me, and even though I had much in my sack, I ran ahead. Finally I got to my new  home, and went in. The frog followed. "I'm Rose." I said.

"I am Toad. And my friends- the witch took them and put them in a pot!"

"Oh no!" I gasped. "You may stay here, then. She'll be looking for you." Frog nodded sadly. I put a comforting arm around Frog's slimy shoulders.

The End

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