The Hole (Pelli)

"You could use some of my down for you nest if you want." I ran my beak through my chest feathers. "They're really soft. I'm going to go look for some twigs and maybe a few branches that will fit in here. I can get around the woods and carry some things better than you can."

"Ok, thanks!" Rose smiled as a rat can. I heard Anook sigh outside of the hole on the couch. Elli came padding in.

"The rats are looking for Rose. Should we tell them where she is?" Elli looked over at me with Rose by my side with her huge and innocent eyes. I looked over at Rose, who was about my size considering the breed of owl I was.

"No. I'm going to live here from now on." Rose shook her head.

"Ok. I'm going to go play with my string." Elli left.

"I'm going to go back to sleep after I get some some wood for you." I walked/waddled out of the hole before taking flight.

The End

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