I rolled my eyes as Elli and Pelli went to help one of the rats. Rose, I think her name was. It wasn't that I didn't care for the rat, just the combination of rhyming names from species that should probably hate each other... It made my head hurt to think about it.

I'm Anook. And, as it happens, I'm a wolf. And most likely thw witch's second favourite pet. Of course a cat was going to be her favourite. But either way I got to lounge on furniture without punishment. I have to admit I did miss the wild, though. The moonlight glinting on my silver fur, the light feeling almost physical; like a blast of icy air that left your skin tingling in a good way.

I crossed my front paws and leant my head on them, watching the three pets with I guess curiosity. Although it could've just been boredom. I let out a snort without meaning to and rolled on to my back, thinking of the wild. Of the hunt. Of Morgra. Of the Ancient Magic. That was why the witch needed me. Wolves are the last possessors of the Ancient Magic. The real Ancient Magic, not what the stuffy magical types like to call the Ancient Magic. Ugh, humans. I really can't stand them.

The End

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