"My cousins, born bare two days ago!" I piped up. I wriggled out of the bonds and ran behind Pelli.

"See?" she said. I started away, running. The other rats ran after me, but I was fast. I ducked under a shelf, and finally found a dark corner, in which I hid. Pelli found me, and together we stayed quite still and quiet while the rats looked around for me.

I found a hole in the corner, and I ducked inside. It was actually quite large, and Pelli fit inside too. I whistled. It was a large, clean, empty space.

"I could turn this into nice living quarters." I said.

"You aren't returning?" Pelli asked.

"No. I won't bother. I'll be on my own from now on." I immediately set to work, checking over every corner for dirt and cobwebs. I found almost none. "If I can get some wood in here, I could make some furniture. This will be nice and cozy once I'm done with it."

The End

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