I opened my eyes groggily before taking my wing from my face. Squinting, I looked down at the rat hole where Rose the rat was being executed. Like Elli's actually going to kill her. She's too much of a sweetheart. I'm an owl named Pelli, barn owl normally. Our owner (the witch) had cast a spell on me to let me switch between the breeds of owls. So, using my power, I turned into an Elf owl, an extremely tiny owl, and flew down to the hole.

"Hey what's going on here?" I asked as soon as I landed. "Why are you trying to kill Rose?"

"She's a thief!" One rat who, apparently, wanted her to die responded.

"What did she steal?" I swept my yellow eyes across the crowd of rats.

"Cheese!" The rat answered again.

"Why? Did you ever think of that?" I looked over at Rose. "Elli? Don't you think that we should know why she did it before we try to kill her?"

"For herself!" The rat looked bristled to me.

"I want her to answer. Why did you steal some cheese?" I looked at Rose, my gaze penetrating her for answers.

The End

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