Hi there. I'm Rose, and I'm a rat. However, I have beautiful, soft, but dark fur, which I keep in imaculate condition. I am not a dirty creature. But I'm a trickster, I am. No one has ever stood up to my strong, fierce personality.

I hide in cracks and holes, and, in all sobriety, or so I tell myself, I lead the cat on a merry hide-and-go-seek. I have never been caught.

Until now, that is.

"Keep them ropes tight!" someone said. My own people had accused me of stealing a cheese from the collective larder. Yes, I had been the culprit, but the cheese had been for my cousins, bare born two days ago.

And so they were tying me, near our hole, in a bundle of sackcloth and twine. I waited, patient. Soon they went back to the home. I quickly loosed myself from the loose grip of the twine, and threw off the sackcloth.

"No one catches me, no one can bind me for the cats." I said. "I am Rose."

The End

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