Life as a High Schooler

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Amber Skye

Amber Skye Carter didn't sleep at all that night. How could she with her parents arguing in their room right next to hers? They'd finally stopped at 4 AM but she still couldn't fall back asleep. Resting on her stomach, Amber Skye's younger sister, Anna Faith, breathed slowly. Amber Skye tenderly stroked her ten year old sister's hair.

At first look the two girls didn't look like sisters at all. Amber Skye took after their father while Anna Faith looked like a miniature version of their mother. Amber Skye had long, naturally straight, black hair with a single streak of white blonde hair, though that part was recent. Anna Faith had short dirty blonde hair that was extremely curly along with bright green eyes. Everyone in the family had green eyes though, except for Amber Skye. Her eye were the reason her parents had decided to name her Amber Skye in the first place. The were a strange mix of amber and blue that "made it look as if you were watching the sunset" as her mother always said.

Amber Skye glanced over at her clock which read 5:45 AM. Her alarm would ring in fifteen minutes and today was the first day of school. She was a junior now. Right smack dab in the middle of it all. Amber Skye was excited to see her friends and get away from home. She'd even gotten a part time job at the Sub Zero just down the street from Hamilton so she could stay away from her parents even more but she was worried about Anna. With the crazy things her parents were saying about each other, Amber Skye was beginning to go insane! She didn't want to imagine how tramatizing this was for a ten year old.

Finally, her alarm began to beep causing Anna to sit straight up startled. Amber Skye quickly turned the beeping off and turned to Anna, who was trying to calm her breathing. Amber Skye placed a hand on her cheek.

"Anna, it's time for me to get ready for school. Remember if you need anything at all, just text me and I'll respond no matter where I am. Try to be strong until I get back." she whispered to her sister who nodded slowly.

"Can I sleep in here until it's time for me to get up?" Anna asked trying to hold back tears. Amber Skye kissed her forehead and nodded as she hugged her.

"Of course." With that Amber Skye got up and headed to the shower.

Once she was ready, Amber Skye went back into the room to give Anna one last hug before grabbing the keys to her new Toyota Corolla and driving off to school. She pulled into the parking lot of Hamilton High School and sat in the car staring at the building. She was back again. Sophomore year seemed like an eternity ago. The summer had been just too darn crazy. 

After sitting their for ten minutes, she got out of the car and walked to the doors. None of her friends were in the foyer yet so she found a place by the far side of the foyer and leaned against the wall and tried to focus on her schedule. A-Days were:

1- Pre Calc 
2- Art
3- English
4- Physics

She raised an eyebrow as she read those words. A-Days weren't the most exciting days ever. Amber Skye turned on her optimistic attitude on. This was going to be fun. She turned to the B-Day Schedule. 

1- ASL
2- Financial Lit
3- Library TA
4- Photography

B-Days were quite the opposite of A-Days. They sounded much more exciting than the other.  She was especially excited for photography. Everyone always told her she was a natural photographer. It was going to be fun. Right then she heard a familiar whistle to her right. 

"Amber Skye!" she heard the voice, looked up and smiled as her friends walked over to her. Time for operation happiness.

The End

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