What is life? Is it truly how we know it to be, or is there another side?

What is life? Is it something we can take for granted, and forget that the best thing we can do is live. Or is it some thing that we can cherrish  and say thank goodness we are alive today. Some times we forget so speacial, yet so simple things like life, because then we are only human after all.

Is life full of nice little hidden extras, like noticing there are six cookies in the pack instead of five. Could it be with lots of not nice little hidden extras like noticing a Kasmeare scarf is only 3% Kasmere? Mabey some people see it as all about taking chances, an example wuld be like buying a lovey new pair of shoes, just because they are on ofer, that actually realizing that it doesn't even fit.

During the whole of your life you are always meeting people, new people, and through your life you will always need them. Family are the ones closest to you and the ones you will need their help most. They are the people who are always open to you.

In my opinion I think we should live our lives as we want to and after all you only live your live once. And if I make a mistake i'll just say we are only human and that's why we wern't given a script when we were born.

The End

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