Katrina: Together Again

I was awakened from a surprisingly sound sleep. There was a strange rattling; noises coming from the tunnel. The men stepped forward, and us girls followed, despite being warned to stay behind.

There was a sudden, amassed confusion - footsteps in the dark, voices, breathing, my own heart beating heavily in my head. Then came shouts, random names called into the air, echoing off the tunnels’ walls to make a mashed sound of voices. As quickly as it came, it dropped to near silence again, Alexandra talking quietly to someone who seemed to be her brother. My eyes groped through the murky darkness, trying to see what was happening.

“What’s going on?” a single voice rose up, blind and confused as I was. A light was struck somehow, the James Newberry man now bearing a radiating torch.

I blinked for a moment, puzzled, disbelieving. My father’s face, his form, lingered in the grouping of men, ghostly in the pale light. I stepped out from behind Jon, calling hesitantly, “Father?”

Katrina!” two familiar voices chimed at once, my father and Luke, of all people, bounding from the shadows in my direction. I grinned wildly and ran to meet them, enveloped by them both all at once.

My father pulled away slightly, taking my head in his hands and looking deeply into my face. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, many already formed in my own, and, suddenly, I felt extraordinarily guilty.

“Are you alright?” he looked over me, his voice probing, yet soft, as if he was trying to control it.

“Have you been hurt?” Luke added in.

“I’m fine.”

“You sure?” Luke continued, unsatisfied.

I laughed, “I swear, I’m fine.” I turned and embraced him individually, holding against him tightly. I gently pulled away and hugged my father, his large arms wrapping around me like a protective shield, burying me in his grasp as if I was still a little girl.

“You gave us a real fright,” he murmured. I gazed into his face, trying to find the cold, stern tone, the flashing anger, but found none.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, a stray tear rolling down my cheek. He pulled me closer, swaying me back and forth as if to reassure me. After what seemed like a forever of happiness, a moment I never wanted to let go, we withdrew, all three of us looking into each other’s faces grinning through our tears. We were together again.

The End

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