Sebastian: Collision

The tunnel was so dark I could barely see where we were going, even with the flaming torch Angel Hurst was holding.  I was trying my hardest to pretend that I wasn't scared but the tension between the members of my group was a clear sign that everyone was wary of where we were.

I was starting to regret trusting Hurst so quickly, allowing him to take the lead into the secret tunnel, showing us the way through the darkness and into the heart of our enemy's territory.  If this was a trap none of us would get out alive.

I had to be careful where I was putting my feet as none of us could see what was on the floor.  I occasionally hit a stone with the front of my boot, sending it skittering along the path in front of me and making the rest of the group jump.

But after we'd been walking for God knows how long my feet began to drag.  I could sense everyone was tired; it had been a long day and now it was night my body was telling me I should be asleep.  But Hurst seemed determined to reach his queen as soon as possible and I didn't dare try to stop him.

I was almost falling asleep on my feet when my heart almost stopped as I heard a crash as someone behind me hit the ground.  I turned to see Mr Elliot sprawled on the floor, exhausted.

"Hurst," I called as Angel continued to walk on.  "Wait a moment."

I joined Luke at his father's side, kneeling down to check he was alright.

"Does anything hurt?"  I asked, trying to ascertain whether any bones were broken or if Mr Elliot was hurt in any way.

"No I think I'm alright," Mr Elliot said, pushing himself up off the ground with a lot of effort.  "I just wasn't paying attention to where I was going and then then next thing I knew I was on the ground."

"Hurst I think we need to stop and rest soon.  My men are exhausted, we've been travelling all day with very little rest."

"We are nearly there," Hurst insisted.

"I understand your impatience to get back to your queen," I fought back, standing up for my men, "but my men will be of no use to you or the Queen if they arrive with no energy."

"I have taken on board your concerns Sebastian," Hurst replied, "but it is not safe for us to camp here.  There is a spot a little further along this tunnel that is where the Queen will come to meet me.  We will be safe there."

I looked at my men.  The strain was starting to show on their faces but beneath the tiredness I could see determination to reach our destination.

"Are you alright to carry on?"  I asked Mr Elliot who was already back on his feet.

"Of course," was the reply.  I nodded and signalled to Hurst that we would carry on.

I fought to keep my eyes open, focussing on lifting first my right foot then my left, slowly moving forward.  I wasn't paying any attention to what was going on around me so the ambush came as a shock.

Before I knew it a knife was being pointed at my throat and I had stopped dead in my tracks.

"Who are you?"  The voice demanded of me.

"My name is Stephen Fields," I said, reverting back to my code name.

"Sebastian?"  A familiar voice came out of the darkness.



I was suddenly hit by a shadow that threw itself at me from the darkness almost knocking me over.  Arms clung to me and a head buried itself in my chest.  I was being held so tightly I thought I would never be able to breath again.

"I'm so glad you're here," my sister said, not letting go of me, holding on as if her life depended on it.

"I can't believe I found you alive," I replied, wrapping my arms around Alexandra just to make sure she was real and I hadn't fallen asleep.  "You have no idea how worried I've been about you.  Why did you come out here?"

"I thought it was the right thing to do," she said.  "I'm just so glad you're with me now.  I feel so much safer.  I know I can trust you."

"I'm not going to let you out of my sight again," I said determinedly.  "I promise nothing bad will happen to you, I'll keep you safe."

"You always have done," Alex responded, loosening her grip on me slightly.  "You've always looked after me and I know you always will do.  That's why I trust you."

The End

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