Luke: A New Plan

Father and I were certainly disappointed when the group returned, only bringing back another man, identified simply as ‘Hurst’. They reiterated that while there were some women that they managed to rescue, Katrina and the others were not among them. Sebastian offered some vague form of a plan, obviously skimping on some more important details, including this Hurst’s exact identity. We were headed in the direction of the palace. I nodded begrudgingly, only satisfied that I may be of assistance next time there may be a chance at rescuing my sister. As we trotted away from the imposing eyes of the garrison, I looked back, not helping to wonder whether Sebastian, Frederick, and Lewis had failed to search the place adequately, and if she was still locked inside.

It turned out that Hurst was our new guide, leading us off the main path and through denser underbrush and scarcely traveled trails. For a passing moment I thought he might be getting us lost on purpose, guiding us helplessly deeper and deeper into these unknown woods and perhaps into the deadly fingers of a trap. But, there were fifteen of us against only one of him, and Sebastian appeared to be confident in the newest member of our rescue party, leading me to believe he must be some spy-associate rooted in Handrin.

Under the safety of the leaves, it was a fine day. A few glimpses of sunbeams floated lazily through the greenery, and a cool breeze brushed the heat away from us. Though Hurst, Sebastian, and Frederick mainly remained silent up ahead, some of the men talked quietly amongst themselves. They were beginning to wonder at their purpose - a large gathering of men  rummaging through Handrin’s backwoods and farm roads could be a suspicious sight, and then not to be put to action? They usually kept their words to themselves, inconspicuous mutterings barely heard by even me. They knew better than to try and add their own opinion in, to question the commander - at least directly. I assured myself that our group, myself included, would soon be put to good use and contribute to Sebastian’s newest plan.

After a while of riding, there was a small break in the trees where Hurst stopped us. He murmured something to Sebastian, who then turned to us and said, “Stay here, we’ll be right back.”

“Yes, sir,” The murmurs rippled through our grouping, and the two disappeared into the forestry once more, leaving Frederick behind.

Sebastian was true to his word and returned promptly. Nodding at his men, he gestured to follow him, his voice barely loud enough to hear, “This way, and quietly. There is a secret tunnel up ahead that we will make use of. Follow after me.”  His eyes caught on mine, and he nodded simply. I would have my least it seemed that way.

The End

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