Jon: Entering the Dungeons

Our situation could have been a lot worse, but that thought didn’t make me feel much better as a black hood was used to shield my vision. My hands and feet were tied together with rope, which would prevent me from being able to run. Small steps were the limit of my mobility.

I had overheard the guard say something about us being moved to the palace, to the dungeons beneath the surface, the oldest part of the capital. This was not how I wanted to get to the palace, I thought, moaning slightly.

My only solace was that Katrina and Nellie had been allowed to stay with me. There wasn’t a lot to say to one another, our continued presence the only comfort we enjoyed. While on the road, Nellie had always given Katrina and I ample room to be alone; however, personal space was no longer an issue. The three of us had huddled together in our damp cell to keep warm.

Katrina called out my name with a muffled voice. I could not see what was happening, but it was obvious. So far our captors had treated each of us the same way. A shriek from her indicated that the ropes were being tied. I had to fight the urge to offer my assistance. The safest thing for all three of us was to cooperate as much as possible. If an opportunity presented itself, I would not waver, but now was not the time.

Another rope was looped around my waist, and because of the rope’s tug, I could only guess that the three of us were being tied together. Well, at least they are going to keep us together for a while, I thought.

“Get moving!” The voice of the guard echoed as he pulled the rope taunt. I was pushed from behind as I stepped forward slowly, naturally unsure because of my lack of vision. Time seemed to slow to a crawl as our progress was difficult to judge.

Since we couldn't see and our sense of smell had been dampened, the sounds surrounding us was the best clue we had of knowing where we were, although our diminished sense of smell indicated when we were finally away from the damp walls of the garrison. An almost sweet, floral scent announced the entrance into the forest, our steps making crunching sounds on the brush.

After walking through the forest for what seemed like hours, a cool, damp breeze indicated we had entered another man-made structure. The rank smell made the identity of our location fairly obvious — the dungeons under the palace. 

The End

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