Notes on Part 1

Ereniel sang this as if it were sung by Aegis himself, perhaps as he once spoke it, though it is known that the empathy of the Whístari runs deep and that they are capable of passing on actual memories to their fellows. I know when I listened I could clearly envision the lands and the beach of which she spoke.

The Meeting of Évanya is a beautiful one set probably in the glades of the Verasen before it became the Sacred Haven it is today.

Fairest was she, Évanya who walked this earth, Lífrasir and her star never faded, for fair she was until the day of her death and all believe that she ascended into the heavens themselves as the stars that once fell upon Lífrasir. 

The actual beach Aegis walks upon is unknown for Ereniel never spoke of it, though my heart tells me it was the shores Willowin of which no man has ever set foot.

The time of which this happened was nigh on 4000 years ago when both Aegis and Évanya where young and beautiful. At this time Aegis was the Prince of Willowin. I use the term Prince not in the sense of royalty, for in Willowin there are no leaders. All Whístari are free to come and go and do as they please, instead I use the term Prince for he was most loved amongst the Whístari and though there are no official leaders, there are those whose wisdom can be seen as law itself in their majesty. His father was Anarí (whom Amarí was named after) wisest and most beloved of the Whístari and whom died far too young. It is said he walked amongst the Vélanor (The oldest word known in Lífrasir for it is a language older than that of Whispwan and means The Star-Walkers) near the creation of the world. But his tale is amongst Aegis' own so I shall not go into great length about him. And his mother was Méev who was also of that golden time.

Of Évanya herself, she was the daughter of Déranya who was the Lady of Wintalar and Arontir the Lord. Their love was a joyous occasion, being the long-awaited union of Willowin and Wintalar and they were to be wedded under the canopy of Véras, the oak tree of the Verasen Grove. But as Aegis speaks, all things come to darkness in the end, as his wounded heart would say.

The End

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