The Book of Tales. The Whistari are a race of people in Lífrasir. They are green men and women who live with nature and they live prolonged lives. They are musical and graceful but have suffered much. This is their Book of Tales, often these tales are sing with high ethereal voices amongst the trees of their homes. They rarely use instruments as others will use their voices to play the notes the singer wishes but occasionally they play Harp like instruments and such.

Lífatélén, The Book of Tales.

Though titled in the Whispwan tongue of the Whistari, it was in fact a collection of documents written by travellers and lore masters who had recorded the songs of the Whistari, after discerning the songs' meanings of course. These documents had been held in the Library of King Louen, a grand building that lies in the heart of Louennan, capital of Louenna. Many years after their writing, they had been collected into one compendium by my own hand.

Little is written by the Whistari themselves, or to revise that statement, little that is accessible to non-Whistari eyes lest they are called to write for the other races. But let us not dwell on these matters.

Amongst many things, the Whistari have a great passion for songs, for tales and for the history of their peoples which is long and filled with both sorrow and great joy. Oft they sit amongst their homes and trees and sing to passers-by and younglings of their ancient history and their proud deeds in both Whispwan and in Common toungue. And such voices to behold for they are beautiful to hear as they are inspiring of awe and they have little need for instruments although they occasionally use Veyols which are alike to human harps. More often than this however, fellow Whistari will lend their own voices ad provide melancholy, ethereal chorus' which fills one with wonder more than any man-made instrument could.

But alas, to the task at hand. For though I have not written the songs down myself... well maybe a few... I have with each song and section written notes to explain the story of the song. Of course not all are written in Poem form, though more often than not, and not all of them are full or indeed legible thus I shall do what I can to make sure as much of the full tale is available.

Now let the Telling of the Tales begin.

The End

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